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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Dec 28, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Brand and Shareholder value killer


    The most troubling thing about this Christmas shipping blunder is the response heard from UPS and some posters on this board ... "it's Amazon's fault for making crazy delivery promises", "It's Amazon's fault for training the consumer to wait until the last minute", "It's the consumers fault for waiting until the last minute", "It's the bad weather we had three weeks ago"

    NO! It is UPS's fault plain and simple ... UPS did not deliver ... UPS failed ... and, it looks like the only action UPS will take in response is to shift blame ... which business school teaches that?

    No big deal ... it's only a few packages afterall, right? Wrong! Amazon was already planning for developing their own wharehouse and internal delivery system ... those plans will be dramatically accelerated ... Amazon is currently "evaluating each delivery company's performance" ... Amazon "WAS" UPS's biggest customer

    You think this story is over ... not a chance ... wait until next holiday season ... it will resurface ... and, a Christmas gift under the tree is not a business package ... it is what "moves us" ... people will remember ... doesn't matter if it happened to you ... customers will remember that UPS failed to deliver ... that UPS has half the planes that FedEx has ... people will ship with FedEx and/or USPS before taking a chance with the tarnished UPS brand ... especially our once biggest customer, Amazon

    The huge call action activity is the set up for the big short ... in a single move, UPS has destoyed brand value and shareholder value ... without an immediate real response and a reinforcing statement from Amazon concerning their relationship, it's over ... just a matter of "when" the big short wants the selloff to begin

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    • UPS has NOT blamed it's customers, not Amazon or any others because they blew their projections that UPS uses to make their Peak Season plans. They did not make excuses blaming their customers from getting their packages to them on time for delivery before Christmas. They have too much class and business sense to do that. Why would they want to start a squabble with some of their best customers and hurt their future relationships. I doubt UPS or FDX bear sole responsibility all of the packages delivered late this year. Blaming the carriers for everything is just stupid and ignorant by someone who knows nothing about how things work.

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