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  • dudesbag dudesbag Jun 18, 2014 8:45 AM Flag

    FDX results and impact on UPS

    In my view, surprisingly FDX beat the analyst predictions on both top and bottom line. The EPS was helped to the tune of $.12 by share buybacks but that's the recent flavor of the month for every large company including UPS. Their going forward advice is right about in line with the rosy analyst predictions of EPS up over 32% which I still can't get my arms around. When we face an oil restricted near future where some alarmists are suggesting $200 oil and beyond that simply the tensions in the mid-east, things don't seem all that prosmising to me in the short term. What is truly irritating is the simple notion that we sit on the largest deposits of NG in the world and can't seem to make the simple calculus that we need to convert trucks/tractor trailers to NG use. Companies are forced to do it on their own which of course slows the process down markedly. Why we can't simply say "let's apply meaningful tax credits to converting vehicles to NG use, reducing the cost of new vehicles with that design and help companies build out the infrastructure for NG fueling stations" is beyond my comprehension. #$%$ are we waiting for? Clearly, the militant Islamists feel their only play is to disrupt the oil flow out of the Mid-east. Sadly, we should be near the nexus point where that whole issue is rendered irrelevant. Sadly, we can't make the most basic decisions.

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