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    FIBR is planning to issue 30 000000 more shares. That would dilute the value of the stock big time. But i am still holding onto my shares. Damn

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    • If you have any questions about Gigamux, you can contact Osicom
      directly through their website (

    • Since I live in LA I should go to the company itself to see if it is really there. Nonetheless, I wouldn't worry too much about imaginary products. There have been too many huge well known companies that have said they like FIBR's stuff and are going to be working together, etc. Plus, I've actually seen some of their cheaper stuff in catalogs.

      I am also another BI Research subscriber.

      BTW, I hope you all noticed my ID. Was recently broadsided by a drunk driver (.28!!! blood alcohol). Suffered head injury. Lucky I was driving BMW (which was obviously totalled). Probably would be dead otherwise. Still recovering from the head injury suffered in the crash in mid Oct. 97. Broken arm would have been preferrable. On top of that, drunk had no insurance. Will sue anyway as a reminder to her. Please don't drink and drive!!

    • Osicom is an international company with a lot of good products.
      I have purchased a couple of five letter stocks in the past and
      both went belly up (that extra letter in the symbol is there for
      a reason), so I think I will roll the dice with Osicom.

    • about ready to abandoned ship, this thing keeps looking more and more like a comparator systems from '96.are you familiar with their fingerprint identification. neither was anyone else except the english gent they stole it from. is this gigamux for real and if so, know any future customers besides the "apparent" nasa deal? look at ECGOF for a co. with staggering numbers and a severely underprice book value. sit on this one for six months and you'll forget you ever heard of FIBR

    • It is my understanding that the GigaMux system began testing at
      NASA about Nov. 4th (by an independent contractor). I would think
      it would take a little longer to get the ball rolling.

    • hope the broker does't take all your money, house, puppies, etc. as you are short on this stock

    • For a year I've considered Gigamux as a key ingredient of the future of this company. However, I haven't seen any reality to it. Two networking gurus at NASA never heard of it, and no one has reported actually seeing one. Worse, a friend of mine who runs a company that should be on Osicom's short list of Gigamux customers says they have seen no sales effort.

      Well... is there such a thing?
      If so, when will it enter production? Where's the marketing plan? Who has been approached? Who has placed orders? Who has seen a demo? Who can post product literature?

      Unintentionally long and hating it

    • It is almost $3.00 today swami Richard, you should go buy a new
      crystal ball.

    • Sales down along with backlog hype. Long term support at $1.50 Institutions have been dumping all year. Currently, Institutions hold approx 5%. This puppy is going to sit between 1 ~ 2 for the
      next 3 months. Expect technical bounce(short covering)if price gets to $1.25

    • I think they will report a profit for quarter ending in march of
      next year. If the stock is still dead in the water by July, I
      will probably get out.

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