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  • stkdawg stkdawg Dec 18, 1997 6:07 AM Flag


    Maggot mouth Michael and Studmuffin is one trashy person.

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    • twins
      by: stkdawg
      12/18/97 06:07 am
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      Maggot mouth Michael and Studmuffin is one trashy person.

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      Msg 1 by Y a h o o F i n a n c e

      >> U BETTER SEND <A> T-W-I-N 2
      >> KOURT - Mr. KOOGLE. Halvfeu
      >> received <A> Sammmuns yeti?
      >> HA Ha.

      "BYE BYE" NOW - TIM.



    • Sorry I had the wrong Robert, this was Robert Gordon, asking about FIBR and I thought it was you. It was located on Wall Street Strategies News, asking about the delisting of FIBR. If I find out anything through them I will pass it on here

    • This board is the only place I write. I recently sent some email
      to the company through their website.

    • Robert, I found a page today where you had written about FIBR, I also wrote a note but I didn't bookmark the location and can't find it now. Will you give me the URL, Thanks Pat

    • I just received an email from Phil Mathes,Osicom Sales Manager.
      I wrote him about concerning the NASA tests, his response:
      "They are pleased that the unit we delivered performs as we indicated and that the unit when tested with their specific format signals performed flawlessly". "We have identified this as
      a long term program where DWDM is only one potential element in a
      number of possible sollutions"..."I do know that placing our unit at Kennedy Space Center has enhanced our position with several other potential GigaMux customers and have been told similar
      findings from other parts of our sales orginization". Phil Mathes

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      • And where did you send the letter ??

        To the NORTH POLE ?

      • Brooks Fiber Begins Trials of Osicom's GigaMux DWDM for Metro Applications SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 18,
        1997--Osicom Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:FIBR - news), today announced that Brooks Fiber Properties, Inc. (NASDAQ:BFTP - news), is
        commencing trials of Osicom's GigaMux(tm) dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM). The Brooks subsidiary, Brooks Fiber
        Communications, will evaluate GigaMux in its National Data Systems (NDS) Test Lab and Research Facility in Stockton, California.

        The GigaMux line of DWDM helps Metropolitan service providers increase their fiber carrying capacity to help satiate
        increasing demand for more bandwidth. It transforms existing fiber from a dedicated, single-application medium into a versatile conduit
        capable of simultaneously transporting up to 16 independent optical channels thus increasing total bandwidth from 2.5 GPS to 40 GPS.
        Further, the GigaMux system can be configured for simplex, full duplex, or a combination of simplex and duplex operation. Traffic
        types supported include Switched Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, ESCON, OC-1 through OC-48 SONET, xDSL, ATM, Frame Relay, and even
        proprietary digital signals as part of its total data format transparent operation.
        About Osicom

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