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  • bardia2 bardia2 Feb 3, 1998 10:41 AM Flag

    BAAT up 50% AGAIN!!!!

    sorry to mention this, but if any one of you had taken some of you disposable income yesterday and put it into BAAT you
    would have seen a return of nearly 25%! of course we can always say IF...the only difference here is that i have been telling
    everyone of my fellow FIBR shareholders this for the past month! you know, it's kind of sad-i try to give back to the board that
    helped me (i bought fibr at average of 2.375 after elf lead me to do some research) and i get slammed for it! you all have barbara
    to thank for that. yes, she may think it's a lottery ticket (i have made 5 times my initial investment in about four weeks) ,
    but when people have been winning for a WEEK now...c'mon!
    good luck...looks like you'll need it...

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    • Thanks I'd love to hear about it.

    • Sorry folks sold couple K shares of FIBR and bought in on BAAT.
      I really don't believe it myself. The action was in words unbelievable over 10 million traded. Made a nice % profit today riding the up and down then up wave. If FIBR seems to run out of steam by not holding the 5 3/8 line tomorrow, sellers will come out and the stock should hit 4 5/8. I'll be a buyer again.
      This FIBR they say is good for your health.

    • I've been looking for a stock that trades on the Canadian exchanges that supposedly burns hydrogen for fuel and the emissions is pure water. When I saw "Engine" in the title I thought this might be it. If I find the other I will post a note.

    • OE is the symbol for Orbital Engines out of Australia. They developed a direct fuel injection engine that has multiple
      applications and very reduced emissions. S&P likes them. They have had a difficult time transitioning from a developmental company to a
      commercial one. This year may be there year. Had a 16% runup on no news last week. Their technology has been adapted very well for
      marine craft but is equally applicable to automobiles. Worthy of a look into although the stock has largely been stagnant for a

    • Thanks

    • is it up today, was it up yesterday, has it increased my $x20!!!does it have any news to back up its story? YES!!!
      SCORE: Grant= - 1 Bardia=15 Karen=2 Tbonenyc=1 Barbara=.5(for efort)...i believe it's time for grant to do some research...(don't go digging too deep Grantyboy, you may become an investor!!)...go Fibr!!

    • yes sir that Baat is gonna makey me a rich man,that wat they tell me.

    • Grand Elf and Barb Please consider following:

      Our beloved Osicom is betting heavy on the Gigamux? It appears that certain ISP's are potential cutomers, Correct? What
      portion of business is form ISP? Anyway my point is this The Cable TV Industry is potentially a serious threat to ISP's and Regional
      Bell companies. @Home and AT&T will likely marry real soon in some type of merger or equity relationship, These guys will need
      this technology and have little choice in where they shop. Could this be the white knight we are looking for, TCI COX Comcast
      MSFT Cablevision Time Warner and Osicom. How will the cable modem connect to the local network?
      Go Fiber!

    • <<What has happened to this most helpful, informative and polite message board?.... >>>

      Don't you get it?


    • Please cease and desist your hyping of BAAT on this board. You are cluttering the thing up more than it usually is? If you don't, I will have to start analyzing BAAT for weaknesses and posting over on your board. Your choice...

      BTW, does BAAT have audited financial statements? Isn't it a BB stock?


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