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  • ifwecudtalk ifwecudtalk Feb 21, 2005 8:44 PM Flag

    Exec. Compensation

    According to the paper in Sioux Falls, Drook got 2.9 million and Hanson got 1.2 million for the exemplary job they did driving Northwestern into the mud ---- and then convincing the new board how astute and talented they are with unlimited business acumen, to bring the same corporation out of bankruptcy and be the guiding light back to sanity and a good business plan!!!

    Most of the other leadership got handsome rewards for going along with the insanity. It also avoided the �brain drain� that could have occurred if the Board had not gone along with the proposed payments to the under-performing corporate leadership for their exhibited ineptness and slick line of bull to keep Northwestern on �track� for recovery.

    Totally unjustifiable expenditures of corporate assets to maintain the offices here in Sioux Falls, and the undercutting of the utilities employee�s ability to do their job by unnecessary budget restraints, are great examples of a sound business plan.

    If only Merle and Dick were still here -------- at least when they said something you knew they were lying!

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    • It is very sad that executives get such handsom rewards when so many shareholders got screwed. I am a bit surprised that the new BOD approved such hefty sums. I am also surprised that they have not replaced the top layer of management.

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