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  • mocwwwrb mocwwwrb May 10, 2011 9:44 AM Flag

    Can someone explain?

    How can we not have inflation with the following

    (1) Floods causing crops to be completely destroyed

    (2) Insurance costs going up double digits with upcoming claims from floods and storms

    (3) Import prices up again

    (4) Gasoline at $4.00 a gallon

    (5) Food prices up

    (6) Health care premiums more than 19% already this year

    (7) Tuition costs up at most universities

    (8) weak dollar

    (9) massive short term borrowing needs to fund 1.5 trillion dollar deficit

    What else?????

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    • If anyone needs this whole situation explained in perfect clarity please watch this lecture. The Whole thing. Some of the best insights are right at the end. Just an awesome trove of information.

    • Easy. None of those things are included in the inflation calculation.

    • well if u jigger the numbers by eliminating energy and food costs kinda throws the whole thing out of whack if using same formula they used in the 1970s youd be about 10% that plus falling dollar gives you the reason im invested in silver ,gold ,Crop, for food and canadian, australian and new zealand etfs

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      • What is truth? And what is untrue? We can accept lies and deceit as being true as long as we BELIEVE. (We being everybody.) But if not everybody believes or swallows the system of money etc entirely, then things get shakey, and the ponzi arrangement begins to unravel faster and faster as more and more skeptics eyeball the papeered over facts. The ponzi sweater unravels, wool falls from the eyes to the floor, the room lights up and what has hit the fan is no longer only smelled,-- it is seen for what it is.

    • Best way to explain it, If three people were at Fair.

      Each person was from different country.

      1. USA
      2. Canada
      3. Spain

      Each person used their own Color Tickets, RED, Blue, Yellow

      If the Rides in the Fair stay the same... $.50 per ride.

      But the RED ticket loss value and the Blue & Yellow tickets gain value..

      The red ticket holder would think that Inflation was unfolding at the FAIR..

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      • Best way to explain it, If three people were at Fair.

        Each person was from different country.

        1. USA
        2. Canada
        3. Spain

        I use to have a job 10 years ago that paid me $45,000 a year. I lost that job and make $25,000 a year. Ten years ago I was paying $1.75 for gas, milk was $1.00 cheaper. My health, home and car insurance was less, food was less. Now the guy from Canada and Spain have gotten my job and money to be at the fair with me. I can't even afford to be at the fair and yet you tell me its "deflation". What the he!! does inflation look like if I lost my house, can't educate my kids and am eating tuna from a can. Now they want to keep tax cuts for the wealthy and tax breaks for corporations. Again, why is the Canadian and Spanish guy at the Fair with me???????

      • OCEAN, shut your hole.

    • No Real Inflation, It just appears there is Inflation your $USD is lower...

      Most Nations their currency is strong, $USD Currency is weak..

      Technology sets the Price, It helps make items cheaper.

      but when your $USD is weak.. it cost more dollar to buy those items.

      So to most people, it seems their inflation..but in truth there is deflation.

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      • The other thing is nobody notices that the Big Banks earnign has been pretty bad and their balance sheet sucks. They have been doing window dressing to make it look good. Citi just do a reverse split of 10:1 of their stock. If no one borrow, bank can;t make money and if bank can't make money all the money that the Fed printed goes nowhere but to go BUY treasuries to boost up the big Bank reserve. This is a vicious cycle.

      • Really Ocean, no inflation? Have you been to the grocery store or the gas station lately?

      • What is inflatin and what is deflation? People have a misconception that when food or gas prices goes up, there is inflation. Inflation is when the velocity of money is high and the reverse of that is deflation. The Fed have been trying to inflate us out of deflation. The Fed is printing money but the money is not our ther being circulating because consumes are not really borrowing. They are actually still deleveraging from debts. So, who is going to win? The Fed or the people? The fed can create artificial inflation but if people don;t want to borrow we are still in a deflation mode. I bet the Fed will have to do QE3 and so on..... So, in this case Ocean, there is a war that the Fed is fighting to prevent a deflation which is worse than inflation. We will see.

      • NO INFLATION ? LMAO You have got to be kidding. Stagflation is alive and well. The only thing stopping Hyper Inflation is quality jobs.

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