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  • gunthernow gunthernow Sep 23, 2011 2:03 PM Flag

    Regret buying so much physical silver...

    Gold down 5.5% today.

    But, silver, well silver is down over 16%!

    I really regret listening to those experts who were screaming that silver was going to "explode" for the last 6-8 mos.

    Silver has been a major bust.

    I'm not worried about gold; however, because I know that the Bankers worldwide are buying GOLD right NOW, and have a lot to do with taking GOLD down with the paper stock market...which, btw, is NOT natural, and goes against the common sense economics that says GOLD should be going up right now, inversely to the paper market!

    Gold will be back, after the Central Banks worldwide have snatched up most of the last remaining bullion at this ridiculously low price of 1600 oz. they have had a hand in creating!

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    • Classic ABC wave, just like 2008, but call me dumb, same thing will take place with gold, just like 08, look for at least 1200 gold, 18 silver then another rebound to 28, then the big deadly blow off down to 12 and may overshoot into single digits............, say what u want.....

      this might help you see historical trends.... this guy nailed it on the head when silver was at 40, the follow through is coming, look for a bad bad day for silver on Monday, Asia will dump especially with the increased margins they put on silver, gold, and copper on Friday after the close........

      good luck

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      • Dividends are on the way to the mining sector and JPM Chase is being sued for criminal manipulation. Specific names have already been released in the criminal manipulation suit, but it is barely mentioned to the public.

        Is there much doubt about the timing on the increased margin requirements and that the CME margin increase information was known by JP Morgan and others in advance? Do you think they just might have covered some hopelessly short positions in silver the last couple of days?...How convenient. The last silver take down had a very similar feel. They are so desperate they don't care how obvious their actions are.

        In the near worldwide financial collapse do you really believe nobody did anything wrong? Virtually nobody is being prosecuted? It makes you wonder how many powerful individuals may have been implicated if the truth was pursued and prosecuted.

        It is sad that there is such a selective enforcement of our laws. Looking the other way on illegal immigration and going after states that try and enforce the laws. It reveals just the tip of the iceberg of how much trouble our country is in.

        Can you think of any commodity in the world other than silver that sells for less than it did in 1983 with no adjustment for inflation? No wonder Eric Sprott is certain silver will be the investment of this decade.

        As the Asian exchange in precious metals is fully rolled out to world markets it will uncover the honest values of silver and gold, rendering the Comex and others irrelevant.
        I believe we are witnessing the initial last gasps of the banksters and their handlers. They have briefly delayed, but cannot stop what is coming in realizing the true values of precious metals and other commodities.

        The end game for gold, silver and fiat currencies is beyond certain. The largest wealth transfer in world history is happening right before our eyes. The Chinese are loading up. When the music stops those that haven’t done the same will wish they had.

    • and if silver was $100 /oz now, would you feel better?
      would you sell physical?
      what is it keeps going higher? when would you buy again?
      if they devalue the US dollar 10,20,30,50% overnight, what then? if can't happen? the swiss franc just did bet your a** they can do it, they did it in 1935, 1971...etc, etc.... they might be forced to do so that to pay debts...debts become more bearable to payoff.
      world has a debt bubble ponzi that it can't ever repay or manage.
      your better off in something tangible, in your possesion with no counterparty.
      be your own bank, with physical tangible real assets to solidy your financial position.
      even if the electronic price of silver goes to 0, zero, physical is tangible.

    • I am buying more physical silver.

      You will see a strong move in the next few months. I am fully expecting 50+ by the end of the year.

      Great buying opportunity.

      Huge manipulation. The run starts early in the morning after Asia has closed for the day.

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