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  • savage_planet savage_planet Jul 5, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    should people own physical gold and silver as well as mining stocks?

    One Kitco Forum poster recommends your portfolio should be balanced as follows:

    1) One-third cash
    2) One-third physical gold and silver
    3) One-third stocks

    Do any of you agree?

    In addition of EXK shares, should people own a little physical gold and silver?

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    • I'm of the opinion that "everyone" should own at least a little physical.

      I also buy some nice looking silver coins, and give them away as Birthday presents, graduation gifts, baby gifts, etc. When ever somebody receives it, they usually "oooh, and aahh" over it. Most have never seen a modern 1 oz silver coin before. The typical reaction goes as follows :
      - wow - what's that? I've never seen one of these before
      - that's really pretty/beautiful/gorgeous
      - wow - I really like the weight / feel of that (since I typically encase it in a round transparent plastic case, they don't have to worry about handling it)
      - where did you get that, I'd like to give one to my (GF, BF, brother, sister, daughter, parent, etc.)
      - is it very expensive ? really, I can get a couple for myself

      Then I might show them some different 1 oz silver coins I keep in my pocket (usually an Australian Kookaburra, or Koala), and the reactions are typically :
      - awe - they're sooo cute (the girls usually say that)
      - ooh, where did you get that?
      - I'd like to get one for myself too?
      - is it expensive? (wow - it's only about $30 or so!)
      - Can you buy one for me? I can pay you.
      - Can you get one for me to give to my GF?

      So, buy some for yourself, and give some to your friends, family, relatives. I can almost guarantee that it will be a hit as a gift.

      Somebody calculated that if every American bought just 2 oz of silver coins a year, it would consume annual WORLDWIDE mine supply.
      The valuation of the miners, at that point, would be astronomical.

      So, yes, buy some physical for yourself, and give some silver away! The more you give, the more you will get back in returns!

    • As for me I'm 90% into the real physical stuff mixed between gold, silver and palladium. The scam market is just that, and in the end I want the real stuff in my possession. I tried getting my stock certificates sent to me and that was hard to do 7-8 years ago and now I don't think it is possible at all. I'll just day trade the market and make sure I take my profits off the table from now on, because if you don't they will be more than happy to alleviate you from any profits you may have.

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