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  • kingofthewasteland82 kingofthewasteland82 Dec 24, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    Down 6 in a row

    When will it end? Nobody knows! Congrats ladies and gentleman. You own the worst miner in the world. Back to junior status in 2 years. Of course it's down a full percent today. Miners are mixed and green or barely down but the most beaten up one (exk) still can't help itself from going down the most. It's so sad it's funny. Hl is green of course. That's what happens when you own actual mines and are not a boiler room fake company. You have those occasional green days. No such luck for endeavor-to-go-bankrupt silver. Merry xmas bradford. I'll be the drunk santa begging for change outside of supermarkets next year by the time this stock is done with me.

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    • king, why don't you sell your stock and in your case put your money in the bank where it belongs, then we don't have to listen to your relentless whining shorty, oh did i say shorty

    • King- We get it, you hate the company. Why not sell and move your money into one of your better performers? You're going to have a stroke ranting about this company. If you're convinced that it's a dog and that management is deficient, why not sell and save yourself the anguish? No one picks winners every time, so why not cut your losses and double down on one of your winners?

      To be honest, I really don't think you've ever been long this stock. No accusation mind you. All is fair in love and investing. I think you're a short wearing the suit of a long in order to make a bit of money. Nothing wrong with that as it's a tactic that some employ to get a leg up.

      Merry Christmas everyone. Hoping Santa will treat us a little better next year with our investment.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • First of all, cut the nonsense. I don't lie in my regular life, so i certainly don't lie on a message board. Unlike others on this board claiming to own 10's of thousands of shares. I am long this stock and that's that. I don't care what you think. Any short in this stock will have had so much success by now that he wouldn't need to come here and bash the stock. The stocks bashes itself. Commits seppuku on a daily basis. Second, let me tell you a little something about myself. I'm a good and successful trader, yet still unlucky. What that means is that as soon as i sell this stock it will run 20%. So i refuse to sell. I was down 8k in 2 weeks earlier this year on ego. The "me" of last year would've sold at a loss but i persevered and not only got my money back but made money. That taught me something. Last year i had three trades that i panic sold on (twice on lvs and once on s) for a loss of about 7500. Each of those positions came roaring back. I swore i would never do that again. I'm crazy enough to go down with the ship at this point. I will not yield! (Bradford: "Yield? What's that?"). So you people will have to deal with my posts as long as exk continues it's unheard of trend of going down a minimum of 4 out of every 5 trading days. So basically i'll be around a while.

    • There are worse...

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      • Quit whining & accumulate more shares at a cheaper price. I look at this period as a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have owned stock in this company since its inception. I sold my shares when it went $12 two years ago. I met with Brad several times at the Silver Summit in Oct. at his booth and sponsored breakfast. I have been buying since that meeting. I now own over 95,000 shares and will have 100,000 by the first of the year. The stock is in disfavor because investors believe EXK made a bad buy in El Cubo. The company made little profit because most of the expenses including severance pay for top management were paid up front in cash. This is why some of the Silver was sold at $28. Brad said to look for an outstanding quarter for the 4th quarter when it is reported in Feb. He says it will take 6 quarters to turn El Cubo around. I am in for the long haul, continuing to accumulate while there is negative sentiment toward the stock. Think $20 by Dec. 2014 if silver does not go parabolic.

    • hope you get some cheese for chistmas to go with that whine

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