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  • stockeropinion stockeropinion Jan 25, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    I am buying here at 7.27 and probably more lower..any reason why not?

    This company has produced...Any reason why not to buy down here at this price. Don't matter I have arleady bought some and will buy more if go down close to 7

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I own EXK as I am stuck in a position that is underwater. Usually trade it, but for unamed reasons am stuck with this one for now.
      I like to hold physical gold and silver as i sleep better, no matter what the market price is. With these mining companies, there is always the unknown (Except to the insiders) that will #$%$ in the end.
      If these miners were serious about investor relations, they would hold back some production until prices were higher, would not overpay for other mines and certainly not have any dealing with Banksters. Seems all these miners, from Newmont to the penny stock ones are run by the stupidest people on earth.
      They need to all start holding back production, selling to public directly, stop dilluting with more shares and actually start buying back stock instead. And on another want to dillute???....offer it exclusively to CURRENT holders, not some fund or bank that is gonna get shares on the cheap then flip it for a quick profit at the same time causing stock to dump even further.
      Insiders of these companies ALWAYS make out. Traders sometimes do, regular Joe gets jammed around so much it's futile to bother with them. Buy physical and sleep at night until these companies get Investor Friendly!!!

    • Yea, I'll give you a good reason. You longs or paid stock pumpers have been saying the same damn thing for the past two years to try and drag new dumb money into a losing position. This thing has been in a bear trend for two plus years now, as you try and drag in more of Joe Sixpack's money into the boiler room.

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      • WOW! I did not expect this reaction. I have never bought this stock before and going on some research including this below recently it seems like a good time to buy..I would be #$%$ if been in this for awhile.....Endeavour Silver Delivers 8th Consecutive Year of Production Growth in 2012; Silver Production Up 20% to 4,485,426 oz, Gold Output up 77% to 38,687 ozBY Market Wire
        — 12:44 PM ET 01/14/2013
        VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (MARKETWIRE) -- 01/14/13 -- Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK ) announces that production rose for the 8th consecutive year in 2012. Consolidated silver and gold production from the Company's three operating silver mines in Mexico, the Guanacevi Mine in Durango State and the Bolanitos and newly acquired El Cubo Mines in Guanajuato State, established new records for both annual and quarterly production at the end of the Fourth Quarter, 2012.

        Silver production rose 20% to 4,485,426 ounces (oz) silver and gold output was up 77% to 38,687 oz compared to 2011. Silver equivalent production escalated 33% to 6.4 million oz (50: 1 silver: gold ratio). As a result, Endeavour was 2% below its 4.6 million oz silver production guidance and 1% above its 38,000 oz gold production guidance for the year.

        Annual revenues were up 63% to US$208.1 million and Fourth Quarter, 2012 revenues were up 281% to US$66.7 million due to higher metal production and sales plus higher gold prices, offset by lower silver prices in 2012. In the 4th Quarter, 2012, silver production rose 10% to 1,235,026 oz and gold production was up 83% to 12,917 oz compared to the 4th Quarter, 2011.

        Bradford Cooke, CEO of Endeavour Silver (EXK), commented, "Our operations team delivered another solid year of growth in 2012. Both the 20% expansion program to 1200 tpd at Guanacevi and the 60% expansion program to 1600 tpd at Bolanitos were completed on time and budget. We were also honoured to become the first mining company awarded a Certificate of Health from the Durango State Secretary of Health thanks to the success of our employee and community health programs at Guanacevi."

        "In Q3, Endeavour acquired the El Cubo mine and initiated a 12 month capital rebuilding program of the mine, plant and surface infrastructure and a 2 year operational turn-around program, both of which were showing positive results by year-end. This year is shaping up to be another good year of growth for the Company with the initial focus on El Cubo. We anticipate releasing our 2013 outlook and production guidance before the end of January."(DID NOT PRINT ALL)

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Do you bashers just throw out misinformation with the hopes it will stick on the wall? Let's see, 2 years ago it was sitting at $6. Go back further and it was even lower. Since then it has nearly touched $13, been at 12 a couple of times and $11 a number of times. It still sits higher today despite the beatdown, than it did 2 years ago. So what is your definition of a bear trend?!?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I BOUGHTMORE AT 7.14 and I will buy more lower...I would like to hear why not to buy this stock here and now.

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