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  • beastinem beastinem Jan 25, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    Here's what bothers me.....

    These are a few things that stand out in my mind and are just overall frustrating thoughts about this whole situation.....

    1 - EXK did not follow silver on the way up this past month. We pretty much tread water around the $8.00 range.

    2 - When silver starts to drop, instead of ignoring the price like EXK did on the way up, NOW it decides to follow it down.

    3 - With us trading at SUCH a low share price now, even if we had a week where we went up 10%, we wouldn't even be back at $8.00.

    I know there is more, but I am seeing red right now. I never thought in a million years this thing would drop as low as it has.

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    • Hey I feel your pain. I don't own this particular miner but the ones I do one are down horrifically over the past few sessions. I've noticed today that a lot of the mid-tier and junior miners are getting hit a lot harder than the big miners and spot gold and silver. This appears to be a very hard shakeout and the smaller stocks are being targeted the most.

    • You can wait out the storm or...That is what stop losses are for. Peace of mind can be worth a lot.

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      • If I wanted peace of mind, I should have put in a stop loss at $9.50, lol. I am beyond stop losses now unfortunately.

        One other frustrating point I forgot to mention is the overall market. It's not like the whole market is down and we are a bi-product. The market is soaring and we are not even attempting to crawl our way up. I don't even want to know what happens to the share price if the market takes a sudden turn for the worse!

      • my portfolio once dropped (in 2008) to 140k! AUY was like 3 bucks as was slw. I have no fear anymore as i have 500k in coins, plus a large portfolio of stocks in the pm's. I do believe Sinclair is correct that this is the last takedown which is orchesrated prior to the moonshot. JUST LIKE THE 1970s! I will by much more in a few days. I am old and I have clear vision. We are going to have hyperinflation.

    • The market can do anything my friend. Made my position two days ago now im like 10% down on this. Better days coming.

      Sentiment: Hold

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