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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Feb 21, 2013 9:42 PM Flag

    For Timmy, Love Jimmy


    Sorry, but I’ve got to vent about the markets. I am not privy to the street smarts of the likes of Seligman or Livermore. I’m just your average Joe.

    I’ve been reading all sorts of nonsense of late. I’m tired and I’m not going to take it anymore.

    For example, everyone is aware of the Boeing problems, yet positive articles are being released stating good results… from “unnamed sources” or “sources not authorized to speak”. There are many more examples of such shenanigans in other stocks, as many are fully aware. You just can’t believe anything you read.

    Sites such as Seeking Alpha and Motley Fool allow anyone to post articles, true or not. It presents a perfect venue for potential manipulation of stocks by those choosing to do so. Take Nokia, for example. Negative articles focus on the poor performance of the past year or two. Never taking into account the bright prospects of the future (China Mobile contract, Nokia Siemans venture developing the internet infrastructure, or their involvement with the next revolutionary industrial product… Graphene). Yet analysts always remind us in earnings seasons that what’s important is forward guidance, not past performance. You just can’t believe anything you read.

    Government figures are well known to be manipulated with seasonal adjustments and such. Unemployment numbers are truly a joke, as those who fall off the roles are no longer part of the workforce. Taken to the extreme, perhaps one day we’ll see EVERYONE out of work yet ZERO unemployment. You just can’t believe anything you read.

    Naked short selling, so prevalent, still not addressed by the SEC.

    Massive short positions in Silver are not being addressed. Certain banks are accused of going beyond the allowable limits of short positions with nothing being done. Yet when the Hunt Bros. tried to corner the Silver market… well, you know how fast that was addressed. You just can’t believe anything you read.

    TBTF banks area now bigger and more susceptible than ever with their massive derivative positions. In fact, their earnings come from using funds set aside as reserves for such risks. Pump up the earnings reports so all looks well. You just can’t believe anything you read.

    With government intervention in the Bond Markets as well as in the stock market, it becomes impossible for any reasonably educated individual to make a sound judgment on his/her investments. What seems logical baffles you with the antithesis. Zero interest rates rob the retirees of their cherished income to live on. People seeking to purchase stocks on any pullback, because they see the economic distress we’re in, will never get it. Some day, when they can’t take it anymore, they’ll dive in and get scalped alive.

    Anyone with any sense of history has already come to the conclusion the public has always been and will always be taken to the cleaners by the Street.

    The only place where one can make a sound judgment call is in the Gold Market. Just buy and HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! As long as money is being printed to keep the governments afloat, nothing but nothing in this world will alter the end result. You can’t print gold. Sure, you can go naked short in the paper markets or divert investment money from physical into the ETF’s (which in my opinion were created exactly for that purpose). They have also been accused of supplying shares, in lieu of physical which they or the COMEX couldn’t deliver. All I can say is that any new product offered to the public must be shunned. It certainly wasn’t created for you. But when the billionaires of this world are stockpiling the stuff and Central Banks are shoring up their currencies for an eventual global monetary collapse, you simply can’t lose by holding the real deal.

    Remember, in 2004 the Rothschilds gave up their prestigious position as the Morning and Afternoon London Price Fixer in Gold and Silver. When asked why, on the financial network in an interview, the response was “there was no money to be made in those markets anymore”(sic). They are dead markets. It was exactly at that time that gold and silver began rearing their heads in the beginning of a massive upwards trajectory. AS the Price Fixers, the Rothschilds were forbidden to partake in holding massive amounts of these metals. They surely must have seen something UNBELIEVABLE on the horizon, for them to give up such a prestigious position. They wouldn’t do this for a small pop in price.

    Hold a gold coin your hand the next time you feel like investing in something. It doesn’t lie to you. It’s solid and feels it’s worth. It’s honest as the day is long. And more importantly, it won’t make a fool of you (it hasn’t for thousands of years) nor will it prevent you from sleeping at night. Pleasant dreams all!

    CIGA Wolfgang

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    • Good posting, Rothschild and all. Just a few loose thoughts, I've been up for a long time. Banks will manipulate both ways. They will go long OTC and miners. They were loaded with shares when silver last made a run to $50. Mutual fund companies with select metal funds were recommending the working class with retirement accounts to allocate 5% to metal select funds , 3-4 years ago. That's was a lot of mining shares back then. Supply and demand of silver will have it's day again, but the miner with a single mine and second rate equipment may not be around. Mid-tier miners may see more M&A , but not at top buyout prices at this time. Business wants lower silver prices as well as gas, wheat, corn, soy, chemicals, fertilizer, copper, lumber,steel, shipping and freight costs, insurance costs - just to name a few, - but then comes global trade into the picture. China will not give up on buying gold, or any commodity - so supply and demand always rules. During the gold rush days, more money was made by vendors selling picks and shovels than by most searching for gold. A lot of money is made writing articles both pro and con about metals, like anything you never now what their motives are. I wish that I had a dollar for every time that I used the word 'game' and 'manipulation' on these boards.

    • "Sites such as Seeking Alpha and Motley Fool allow anyone to post articles, true or not. It presents a perfect venue for potential manipulation of stocks by those choosing to do so." So true, check out CBMX today.

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