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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Feb 22, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    What EXK management should announce:

    Think it was Timmy who asked me (since I've been anti-management) just what should EXK say. Here goes, nice and sweet...short too.

    "We, as a management team are concerned about the recent action in our stock price, but we wish to extend to our shareholders that nothing material has changed in the Company. EXK is still on track to be one of the biggest producers of silver at a low cost basis. All our plans and execution dates regarding our mines are within the paprameters set out in our last earnings report.
    Management has, and alway will, put shareholders along with safety and the enviroment FIRST.
    We appreciate the confidence our present shareholders have entrusted us with and take great pride to moving this World Class Silver Producer forward in 2013 and beyond.
    Thank You,
    Bradley Cooke, CEO, EXK

    Now, that wasn't to hard was it? Nothing to even get sued about. How about it Brad?...Can you Man-Up and deliver??

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    • Well crafted and spoken datbe,
      I can tell you this much, if Cooke were to make such an announcement, this stock would immediately trade up to 2.00 per share higher and we would all be the better for it. Hopefully we will get some kind of announcement on something other than the community good will and employee welfare reports we recently received under the false heading of "sustainability report". The only thing I could bring away from that is the notion that without the support of the local government and the people they represent (EXK employees), then we have no long term existence. In otherwords it was a goodwill gesture to the host country and her people.

    • I'll play devil's advocate here. If you were the CEO and were completely confident in your company and it's direction, would you not welcome the occasional beat down of your share price for bargain buying purposes, knowing the results will speak for themselves in due time. Yeah, we are a bit in the dark, but he isn't, so my guess is he feels actions/ results are louder than words. Just seems to me the successful companies don't bother much with the hand holding of the shareholders if they know the price suppression is unwarranted. It's the questionable companies that often feel the need to keep reassuring shareholders.

      I like your desired announcement though. I think we would all like to hear something like that put out, even if if some of us don't need the reassurance......but I just don't think it will happen.

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      • Re-read your post and am not quite so sure how this applies to EXK: "would you not welcome the occasional beat down of your share price for bargain buying purposes,"

        Why would EXK management like their share price beaten down? They never commenced a buyback, they never told stockholder's it was a great buy at $11 (implying $5.82 is a frekkin steal) not really sure this situation would apply here?....actually I know it wouldn't apply here for regular shareholders, now for insider's, that's another thing, yes they could welcome a beat down, keep quiet, know nothing is really wrong, get beaten down some more, be quite even more, do a bunch of insider buys and management make a killing on the rebound.
        Is that what you mean??
        Because if it isn't, you are implying that all good companies, even the largest Cap stocks welcome takedown's of 50% for "bargain buying purposes"?

        I like the Devil's advocate, it's always good to see both sides, but I still think management is either clueless or crooked. Either way, neither one of them is good for shareholders.

      • Wal-Mart came out just a few weeks ago and made a National announcement when their stock got hit after an internal e-mail was made public. That was pro-active and their stock didn't even come close to losing 7% before they decided to address the stock price issue. And believe me, that is the only reason they addressed the email, because stock price started to get hit.
        Brad is suppose to work for stockholders, not the other way around.

    • i hope brad isn`t reading a yahoo message board. if he is this company is doomed.

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