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  • johnkliza johnkliza Feb 26, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Sustainability Report

    I thought their report was very well done.

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    • Let's see how the next Quarter goes. I don't care about no stinkin report, I want to see tons of earnings!

      I have a sneaky suspicion this report was put out to soften the worse than expected earnings they will report in the near future. Again, another example of poor management. But, we will see.

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      • So you rip management for being "silent" these past few weeks and failing to communicate to it's shareholders, and when they then put out this sustainability report that does give favorable news, you choose to rip them by inferring they are just trying to soften the blow of worse than expected earnings.. Seems to me you are bound and determined to spin everything to suit your desire to rip management at every possible turn. Just my opinion, but I don't trust your motives here on this board at all. Personally, I pretty much trust very few posters and prefer to trust my own DD.
        EXK has been touted as having one of the better management teams in the industry, so it appears to me this is where you have chosen to try to create your doubt about EXK to anyone willing to listen. Call me ignorant, I'm not listening. I will trust my own instincts on this one.
        You have been around posting non-stop during this long beatdown of the stock......coincidence? I think not.

      • Datbehardwork, you obviously have never worked in a Corporate emvironment, or you would know the importance of a sustainability report.

      • EXK really didn't spend too much more money that would not be seen in deductions from their profit margin lines. On top of that many items mentioned in this report is keeping all forms of insurance to a minimum. That's usually a major cost factor for mining companies. Many mining companies spend many millions on environmental issues and they still have violations and high premiums for comp; liability, legal and health insurance.

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