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  • steverbush steverbush Feb 28, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    Games being played

    A few days ago I said I hope the pps stays down here just long enough for a strike price in another stock executes so I could buy more shares at these bargain prices. Just got a limit order filled for 1000 shares. Funny thing is, I put limit at 5.80 and they used my buy to drop the price to 5.78 as that is what the 1000 shares were sold to me for. I think this effort to manipulate price down continues thru this last day in February, then March starts a different trend. Just the fact that datbehardwork has stepped up his posting efforts to ridiculous levels makes me think the suppression continues at least thru today. Does anyone here really think that his overwhelming presence here is for simply altruistic reasons as he would like us to believe? No one, and I mean no one works this hard to "warn newbies" without personal motives. And he can argue otherwise all he wants, but it has become painfully obvious at least to me with the way overboard around the clock posting. I won't ignore him though as he has become a bell weather of sorts for me as to the direction this stock is going. And he does have some occasionally interesting things to say about the sector. The key is to keep posters like him in proper perspective, and that even includes the pumpers,

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    • I'll take it a step further. I flat out believe that datbehardwork IS indeed the most deceitful poster on this message board; a shorter (hedged or otherwise, and I include option sellers here) who PRETENDS to be a "shareholder activist". If this is untrue, then he had better start substantiating what he believes to be going wrong with a company that has had such a stellar track record for the past 4 years under the exact same management team.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I don't dislike him and I not giving him thumbs down. For EXK with its volume being over five dollars, funds have a 98% control base of the price level. It doesn't matter if retail is 2%, 20% or 30%. The price of this stock will always be at where funds are comfortable. Funds don't read message boards and don't care what Joe or Jim are saying on TV.

      • You are wasting your breath. He is a master at "brushing off the mud slung at him". Personally, I have no problem with him as I think posters like him think they wield more power on message boards than they really do. And like I said, I won't ignore him or any other posters for that matter that despite my personal feelings that they are bashing or pumping, have more to say than just "look out below!" or "get ready for liftoff!" Because the bashers and pumpers with some thought behind their efforts are the ones that are the bell weathers of the stock direction, simply in my opinion of course.

    • i put datbehardwork on ignore a while back. i see his posts at the bottom of the page where they belong. i'm sure i'm not missing anything lol....

      this stock seems to of filled the gap on the chart at 5.80 i had hoped it filled the gap up to 6.65 not the other way around. i took my profits at 6.04 yesterday at the open with a feeling they were going to smackdown the metals. i should of took my profits a day earlier but i had hoped for another gap up not a gap down. time will tell when i get back in. sometimes trading is the only way to make money but i wish i didn't have to resort to trading i'd rather just go long, but at the same time i can't let my profits disappear. only thing to be certain is we'll get more volatility friday and monday wild swings ahead. glta..

    • we had a huge drop in open interest yesterday in silver. harvey organ was saying he thinks the numbers are being fudged at the comex. or to quote him:

      "Since we had major shortcovering on a high gain in silver and gold price, the OI data seems very suspect. For the OI in silver to fall so badly during a huge gain just does not make sense. It looks to me like they are fudging the data."

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