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  • crapnebula crapnebula Mar 1, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    Who are the idiots who are selling?

    Is it just the shorts who are plying their manipulative algorithms? Or are there actually people this stupid in existence? I realize that I said it at 9.00 but it's even MORE true today; if you're selling at a loss right now at 5.60? You deserve it. Sayonara DOPES!

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    • Gotta love this thread. I hope flipping burgers at McDonald's is working out for him.
      I took my lumps on EXK on the date of this thread & sold. Then this a $$ wipe
      posts this up.

    • Nice call craphead. Ya LOSER!!!

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      • Yes, he certainly had that coming and so do I (Ive been long for months). I am just as astounded as the next guy over the precipitous fall in silver and gold, hence this stock. But in keeping with sound money management practice to which I have long adhered to, I have doubled down on the stock both last week, and again this week. My original 3000 shares became 6000 shares and now I have 12000 shares and am preparing to buy more. At this point, the only thing I am certain of is that this company won't be going bankrupt any time soon - as in any time during the next 4 decades. GLTA

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    • well, some folks probably bought this on margin around $6 and now they are forced to sell, maybe that's what the dip under $4 as all about, forced selling of folks who boght on margin, never dreaming this thing could trade this low - well this dummy learned that lesson the last time around - i got a little dry powder left, will be buying some shares of one of these beaten down stocks next week, more EXK, BRD, or CRCUF, one of those. And I'm not going to follow the blow-by-blow today, just gonna check in at the close. GLTA

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    • You say since $9 but it is prob closer to $10. Face it you have lost your money and considering that you have been holding since $10, then you need to find something other than stock trading to occupy your time.

    • so what makes you such a genius #$%$

    • What happen to the true genius.. #$%$" ?

    • Comex Futures selling into ETF Gold Funds etc relating to paper silver. Relating to Bullion banks such as newedge, scotia mocatta, JPM, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch etc etc etc. And the Bank of International Settlements.

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    • don't know who they are, but I bought 5K today

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    • Who's selling?....People who know what the numbers are for earnings release coming in a few weeks?.....My feelings are that Brad and Company gave big boys heads up. Small group that takes care of themselves first and foremost. They will also tell them when to get back in.
      I was actually very suprised that Brad did the SA article as it actually hurt the stock instead of helping it. I think you may be saying Sayonara a couple more times before you get a tail wind.

      Anyone in miners for even a few Quarters, let alone years can tell you how scary it is to hold into earnings. All the stars ave to be aligned for a miner to jump after stellar earnings, i.e., the gold/siver price has to be rocking upwards, earnings has to be fantastic, forward guidance is positive and the Conference Call has to be upbeat. Only with all four of these will you see a large % jump.

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      • At these oversold levels, my personal opinion is most miners, inluding EXK would have only slight volatility on the downside if ANY, so long as silver reverses.

        It's the dangerous levels on the long term gold charts that is shaking some out.

        It's also the reason I set up multiple bounce trades as miners were falling, instead of holding all...the fact that gold and silver had not had a clear reversal and the technicals were horrible.

        Next week, there are presentations for the miners. Some institutions/funds/hedge funds may have cash to deploy from profits from US indices retesting close to all time hights...

        and may rotate in oversold miners. Might. Watch moneyflow.

        Peace Timing Strategies Moneyflow

        Agape n Prayers fer our nation(s) (US & Canada) and our world

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