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  • jimmineejonze jimmineejonze Mar 12, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Would datbehard work please come out and take a bow?

    So the rest of us can hurl rotten fruit and shyyttt in your face! You did nothing but make disparaging remarks about Cooke and this company based solely upon your desire for this stock to go down. You are a one shameless beeeastard and deserve to get nothing but #$%$ from this message board from henceforth!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Back from Pacific side of Costa Rica, so I will do quick post since I was asked by jimmineecricket to do so. You bunch of lazy no-good slackers that want to disparage me for taking management to task for not sticking up for YOU....the stockholder can take it where the sun doesn't shine. I SAVED MANY NEWBIES FROM GETTING IN AT LEVELS 35% ABOVE WHAT IT IS RIGHT NOW! for you haters, go on and keep hating someone trying to do the right thing and stand up to management abuse by SILENCE.

      I NEVER told anyone to sell their stock, just told newbies not to buy at much higher levels, and some of you pukes didn't like that I was scaring away fresh meat. Guess what?....I don't care. I hope I saved many an investor some money.
      I posted my buys and I sold half at $5.55 to $5.57 before I left South and mentioned it to newsy on another board. You know, the ones I posted about buying in the low $5's???......before Brad came out and made a statement??? I Still have my Jan calls too.

      Funny how all the haters came out AFTER i left and AFTER the stock went back up.....didn't see much posting when it bounced off $5.00 and I wasn't around anymore???...who to blame?..Datbe be right??!!??....................Let's wait till it jumps and Datbe be gone fore a week and jimmineecricket fires off a tirade. What a man-cricket you are buddy. Got to hand it to you.

      Off to put some lotion on my sunburned face. See Ya!!

      p.s. Thanks Steverbush.....appreciate the support. You're one of the few who sees the big picture and not just the greed of a quick jump in their portfolio.

    • On vacation guys.....just logged into a timed 15 min. resoert computer. All I ever wanted was for Brad to come out and Man Up. U bunch of sissys try and take me down.
      I posted my buys, now please shut up. Will sell soon:)

    • Agreed. No one is blaming this turd of a man for anything but psychological abuse. If you actually sold your shares based upon what these imbeciles say - then you deserve what you got.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Do you really think he wielded that kind of power with his words?! Anyone who sold based on a single poster's remarks probably shouldn't be investing in the first place. Put the focus where it deserves to be today.....great earnings report and enjoying the ride back up!

    • If ths "datbehardwork" character is responsible for drivng this down to $5, unfortunately, I have to thank him... I've made way too much in 1 week. I'm eyeing the exit but man those were impressive earnings.

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