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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Mar 22, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    USD - dollar

    The USD has a head-and-shoulders formation forming., which should call for further dollar weakness in the coming days. We'll get up days for silver next week. This will be an active news (foreign banks) weekend. Back to bed. LOL

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    • Hmm. Top calling and it's dollar strength, brother. Euro breaking down

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      • factscenter: Read my post below LOL. I said on the 22th in my post below that panic wasn't needed for that day and I turned out to be right for that day and the for the next few days. . EXK was still at 6.35 today. In my lifetime, I traded over 40 million on dollar currency values with a 3% profit. I had said to always watch currencies if your trading or trying to look for an entry or selling. Currencies will change on several forms of money movements based on several factors that I had explained before. I like your new ID, brother, LOL.

    • Not that is should, but I think USD will stay strong for a while. JPN for one, Euro another and even Brasil debasing their currencies. Argentina as gone to extremes. They implemented something like a 50% tax for someone wanting to tavel out of the Country for vacation all because of currenciy controls. Race is to the bottom and USA is still on top of the dung heap.
      p.s. England is being looked to be downgraded again, so USD/Pound will get stronger.
      btw, gold is actually strong vs. Japan since they have esentially crashed their currency. Not sure how they can keep selling Japan made vehicles here in US at a profit if they're buying steel and basic materials with an undervalued (artificially) currency.

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      • As I was typing this dollar post, EXK was at 6.35, after falling from a bit higher level. I was heading off back to bed as I received little sleep this week, so in my thinking/opinion I was saying don't sell in a panic and take time to judge your trading. Before the market opened we saw and I posted manipulation, but retail buyers temporary drove the price up a bit from 6.37. It was obvious to professional money managers that key money flow indicators would stay in a range for the rest of the day.

        I for one, never want to post detailed thoughts on daily directions. I'm not a real trader of this stock. I did sell a small amount of my newer shares that I had bought at bottom lower prices, yesterday at 6.52. Message boards are not a safe place for judging detailed daily trading thoughts by others. Weekly thoughts are OK because investors would then have time to do their own research, which is the way that it should be. My timeframe for EXK is two, three and four years, that's if we aren't bought out. I do think that earnings will be good moving forward.

        In a recent post, I mentioned to view silver as an industrial demand metal along with support as a safe haven - fear investment. In my opinion, silver won't trade a lot lower in the future. If we have a raid it will be short lived. That's my opinion. Banks, industry, the FED and wall street want investors to keep silver and gold in the same boat. When they have pressured gold down, silver has gone down more and that shouldn't have been the case. Silver may also be currency, but it also has industrial supply and demand qualities. EXK should have solid earnings going forward, but at a future point I believe that we will be bought out and management is on RECORD for that. Again, I believe that silver should be judged on its own merits and not always in all the same ways as gold. If the investing world can catch on to that, then we will be OK, both with physical and selective miners.

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