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  • mensch1003 mensch1003 Apr 16, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    Does anyone have any idea as to who caused the PM crash

    seems far more appropriate than worring about EXK since they have no control over theprice of Ag, you have to ask your self who knew this was going to occur?, who has deep insider info about world economic events and who is pulling the strings, if you do not believe this whole thing has been orchestrated for a very specific purpose then you have no clue as to what is really going on.

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    • I have been reading a LOT of theories. It's funny that NOBODY has a definitive answer for one of the largest drops in silver/gold we have ever seen. One of the most "accepted" answers seems to be the whole Cyprus thing. Now, while Cyprus selling it's gold would not have a huge impact (since they only own about 13 tonnes of gold), a lot of people are saying that this would open the door for other banks in trouble to follow suit. And it would have a domino effect on the gold market.

      I do believe one thing though......there is no way people are just out there selling their physical silver/gold in a panic right now. This was all orchestrated from paper sales. Worthless slips of paper that say you "own" gold or silver. It should be a crime.

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    • i read an article on king world news from andrew maguire that said the reason for the crash in gold was because of an imminent LBMA default in london.

    • I'll list a few reasons and you can either throw them into the wash or into a mixer.

      1. A. The markets are manipulated by the evil Fed, Comex, CME and the Gold Cartel led by JPMorgan, HSBC, Deutschebank and several other large bullion banks. B. Massive computer trading

      2. A. Gold is ultimately dependent upon real rates, which are a function of both inflation expectations and monetary policy. A top in gold prices will only become apparent when the risks of sovereign default are behind us with a clear and successful exit of the stimulus we’ve seen over the last few years.

      3. A large Middle East investor asked for delivery and was refused. Then several others had asked for delivery. Not sure about that at all, but it would cause the bullion banks problems.

      The number that I came up with for break even for EXK is 19.99 silver.
      Activity is strong on at all production sites. The TR veins are showing very strong activity and there is more equipment on site than when they were building the Hoover Dam. Silver should not be falling this much.

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      • you can bet that any muppets sellings the bullion banks are buying and jpm covering their short positions. i think it was orchestrated due to the rising demand of physical and to scoop up any sellers of gold at cheaper prices. we've seen the rather large disconnect between demand of the physical and spot prices. drutter on youtube posted a video showing the disconnect between historical spot prices and demand on a chart and the lines diverged around january when physical sales surged and spot prices plummeted. never in history has that occured on the chart. you've seen the scrambling all over the world in countries wanting physical delivery, texas wants to take their gold away from new york and store it in texas they don't trust new york. germany wants their gold back. switzerland wants their gold back. china has been buying, central banks have been buying physical. yet the price falls? doesn't make any sense and just reflects how broken the market is but i see the market snapping back as soon as the manipulators have the covered or have the physical that they need.

      • 1. A. The markets are manipulated by the evil fed, comex, cme and the gold cartel led by jpmorgan, hsbc, deutschebank and several other large bullion banks. B. Massive computer trading

        bingo the federal reserve is behind it, who is the man behind the curtain who got komarade obama elected who also believes in a one world goverment order who has billions who sold his gold months ago since he knew this would happen, george soros, what i have found is only the tip of the iceberg, you think cnbc would have a debate on this, they know but would never discuss this for the dolts that watch . the dollar will hold for now but he dam will eventually burst, we have gone past the point of saving the economy, we will easily hit 20 t in debt, if interest goes back to 5% , 1 t in interest is impossible to pay each yr, think about it printing money and then increasing the value of that money at the same time, this is an anomoly that cannot last

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