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  • walter_reed2001 walter_reed2001 May 1, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    Bloomberg is a rich authoriarian dwarf

    If the pathetic paper dumpster aka "Fed" stops buying the No Bid toilet paper kn as Mortgage backed CDOs and tNancy Pelosi's wallpaper called US T Bills. The Ten Year will burp down instantly. The rate will rise and the Obama family will be walking around turning outthe WH lights . He'll be sending out some resumes looking for night work and she'll end up a pole dancer up in Baltimore.....the game will be over....
    There will never be a QE O, never.
    A one percent rise in the interest rate and the USA defaults and 300 million people start looking for another planet because this one will look like the back end of Mars in 3 years....

    .Big Asian money knows there will always be a QE4 a QE5 a QE6 etc etc....Ben was a just a tempo relief pitcher , he'll retire, and they'll bring in some woman on estrogen hormone supplements and she'll buy old Penthouse Magazines and used Nike shoes along with 250 Billion a month in T Bill dumpster diving ,.,,,,,,The green Uncle Sam is toast, The greedy Money changers did us in very well...Hang 'em all on Wall St lamp posts:...Blankfein Dimon Greenspan-Rubin-Weill- Phil Graham-Clinton string up all the 1999 Glass Steagall repeal crowd

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