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  • kingofthewasteland82 kingofthewasteland82 May 6, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    What have i missed?

    (yawns) Boy that was a nice hibernation for a few months. What have I missed? I seem to recall telling everyone that would listen that exk was the biggest pile of garbage the mining sector has ever had to endure. At the time exk was in the 7.50 to 8 dollar range. I seem to recall, admittedly in a haze, that I was being attacked relentlessly by the pumper brigade. Verbiage along the lines of "Shut up short you don't know what you're talking about! Exk to the moon! 20 bucks by july! Lol at you loser!". So what has happened since I've slept? Surely I was proven wrong and exk has outperformed the market. I mean they have terrific management do they not? Go brad. So what's the current price handle these days? 10? 11? Dare I say, 20? Probably. I figure I must be wrong , what with all the geniuses on this board.

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    • the good news is a third of Cooke's options are exercisable over 8. Bad news is we may have to wait till May 2017

    • "What have I missed" You missed the fact that most all miners have taken a hit over the last 3 to 6 months. SLW, CDE, HL, PAAS all down. Some more and some less than EXK. What you have missed is that most miners, not just EXK are undervalued at these levels. Just as physical is undervalued at today"a prices. You have missed the reason many invest in the sector. It is our financial insurance policy against the Feds printing press and stupid politicians. I do not care about the price of miners or the physical price of silver and gold today as I am not a seller. I sleep well knowing my financial insurance is in place for the ongoing dollar devaluation and big time inflation that I think must come our way. JMO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How did that lobotomy go for you during your absence?

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      • Ah steverbush....the perpetually undercover clown. If only YOU could have a lobotomy, eh stever? Then maybe you'll forget you ever bought this garbage stock. Did you enjoy today's earnings? Perhaps you were one of the cheerleaders who was predicting a massive beat. .19! .22! etc. Lol as if exk ever has anything but a disappointing earnings report. Instead of starting a sassy dialogue with me (which you will undoubtedly lose as i'm sure you well know).....tell me what part of my post was incorrect? Tell me Bradford....I mean steverbush....have I been wrong on my exk call so far?

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