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  • kingofthewasteland82 kingofthewasteland82 May 7, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    Go exk!

    Day 5 down in a row! Smoking all other miners to the downside as usual! Booyah! I guess they must not have released earnings yet. If they did i'm sure they'd be UP nearly 5% instead of down. After all according to the board here, they would report an eps of .19 or maybe even.22. You know, cause exk always has spectacular earnings like that (wink wink). It's ok though, ignore the fact that exk is spiraling back to junior pink sheet status thanks to their awful shareholder unfriendly management. Just focus on newscentral's heat mapping and purposely confusing posts about rich veins (meant to confuse you all and sound authoritative). That'll save exk.

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    • She who laughs last, laughs all the way to the bank. And what is down today will be up in September. Stock up bubbie.

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      • September huh? And you base that on what? A little birdie told you? Themainman's got you beat, good sir. He said 20 by june for the longest time. June....September....hell I might as well throw my hat into the worthless prediction mix. Pink sheets within 2 years. Too poorly managed, too negative price depreciation compared to other miners, no incentive for retail shareholders (no dividend etc.), completely underowned by funds, underfollowed even by traders and constant low volume even at this cheap tradeable price etc. etc. Let's see who is right.

    • You know kingof....., I am actually glad to see you back here on this board. You have been a pretty reliable contrarian indicator. When you have shown up bashing EXK in full force as the pps is taking a hit, a nice turnaround to the upside almost always follows.

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      • I'm not sure my usual contrarian powers are strong enough this time to save a turd of this magnitude. I've been calling this miner the worst of breed since forever. And continue to be proven right. I keep telling you all....they have the WORST management in the sector. No dividend, no buyback, no selling of assets, no attempts at selling the company though they keep teasing it in interviews. Brad and company are a joke. "We're focused on growing the company". That strategy seems to do nothing for the stock. Are you not a public company? What about the shareholders? You won't be able to grow jack if your cash costs keep rising and pm's keep falling. Nobody cares about your 8 years of consecutive growth. The market has spoken. Only senile geology hobbyists like newscentral care.

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