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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork May 8, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Question: Why lay off 200 people when you just went out and hired another

    person to work in Investor Relations? This new appointment must have cost some big money; they already had an I.R. team; Just how many I.R. people do you need for a "small cap" miner? If the stock price is any indication of her skills it is now down about 20% since she was hired just a few short months ago, the Company has bigger troubles than what is actually known.

    Was she laid off? I'm sure she wasn't. How many people out of Vancouver were canned?
    Anybody get a call or email from the new IR lady? She just there to give large institutions insider information?

    This is why some miners never get any respect. They always look out after their own little corporate team, that employs relatives and friends to share in the Golden Goose's eggs. Management never gets hit to any degree where they suffer. They take a 10% pay cut, while getting 20% more in options.

    Just pathetic. I'm so glad I hold my own and don't let these people make fools out of me.

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    • Someone takes the time to give a thumbs down yet can't answer the question. Par for the course for exk management defenders.

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      • Lol, looks like it was more than one. Unless it's the same person with multiple IDs. Which is always a possibility.

        It would certainly appear that IR has their work cut out for themselves in the near future. We really need some institution buying. Or even some insider buying here. I'm still all for a share buyback, but I can only imagine how nervous silver mining companies are right now. To go from selling silver at $40+/oz 2 years ago, to this? That's a big loss of income. The are probably clinching what money they have with both fists.

    • Datbehardwork- No Megnan Brown was not laid off, she was on the conference call. Regarding the laying off of miners. Almost all of the miners laid off were employed at El Cubo and if I remember correctly when the company made the purchase they disclosed that there were twice as many miners at El Cubo in comparison to a comparable operation at Bolanitos and that they intended to reduce the work force

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