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  • beastinem beastinem May 14, 2013 6:46 AM Flag

    QE Opinions

    I'm just curious what everybody thinks about the QE talks. Word is that they plan on tapering or ending soon. I am not asking if people think it will end. I'm just curious what effect everybody thinks it will have on silver/gold? Has the end of QE been priced into the PMs? If not, what is a realistic expectation for a drop in the spot price?

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    • This "recovery" the mainstream media is talking about clealry isn't referring to the employment situation but rather the stock market. The workforce participation rate is at 1979 lows. nowhere near a recovery. what we need is deflation to spark a recovery. with our deficit and high debt can the government really want higher interest rates? LMAO! they must be joking. they'll do everything they can do prevent interest rates from rising and to keep deflation in check. inflation is higher than they say it is but that's because they don't count food and energy which are the major things that are inflating. so under their guidelines their isn't much inflation and the changes to how they calculate it only allow them to print more money as time goes on. i don't see how they can stop the QE.

    • The onset of QE to infinity should have sent us to new highs, so why would its tapering send us to new lows?
      Hey it might. At this point I don't believe anything the FED says. They are busy orchestrating and pulling all the strings in the background. We may be living in a financial MATRIX world for some time to come I'm afraid.

      It will be very difficult to judge what is really happening at any given point in time...
      "do you think that's real stake you are eating"?

    • Will NEVER end.
      They have gone beyond the point of no return.
      Just look at Japan, printing into the abyss along with the rest of the Western World.
      EU Ministers this morning "openl" discussing implementing "Bail Ins" across Europe as a norm in time of crisis.
      Setting up sheeple for the new Century of things to be. Legalized theft.

    • ok, here i am thinking about your quesion there beast,
      and it reminds me of a few lines by WB Yeats:

      What hurts the soul
      My soul adores
      No better than a beast
      Upon all fours

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Well, the Fed likes to say a lot of stuff, they like to jawbone down the price of gold. But they usually don't pre-announce policy, excpet for ZIRP. Seems like they painted themselves into a corner with that policy.

      The only thing the Fed says that makes any sense is that Congress needs to deal with the budget problems.

      If they were to end QE or taper at this point then the stock market would probably collapse, things would deflate, and there would be a big rush to get into real assets, like gold and silver. PMs are in a win-win here. Sure, they try to discourage folks from going that route, but honestly they can't taper, especially if they want to see some inflation, and they do want inflation, that's what they desperaately want.

      Basically things are spirallying out of control. We are no longer driving events. The events are driving.

      Bottom line beast, the answer to your quetion is that no one knows.

    • If QE is ended I would think Ag &Au would get crushed, the goverment works on disinformation, I do not believe there is any chance at all the goverment can get out of there debt problem and of course they know it and will not say so, The powers that be who have pushed PM down did not anticipate the massive buying of physical Ag&Au, the lower it drops the greater the buying as we already have seen, therefore this price crush scenario will most likely not happen, there is also the problem the central banks do not hold enough Au to meet redemptions, if enough people want their actual PM, not paper holdings we will see the price explosion we all have been waiting for. Finally no matter what the goverment says QE will not stop, unemployment is far worse than the goverment admits, 1 T in student loans, think that will be paid back? , cities & municipalities going broke, almost 50M on food stamps and Obama wants this to grow to strengthen his power over people dependent on goverment, QE will not stop. Impossible to guess, 50% we are at the bottom

    • Recently I would say that qe 3 has been doing nothing for precious metals. What we need is some inflation for people to hop back into pm. Qe is trailing off because they're afraid of inflation I think. So I would say that the end of qe could signal coming inflation and a rise in silver. Just my opinion/hopes

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