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  • shift0077 shift0077 Jun 29, 2013 3:35 AM Flag

    Beware Thinking This Will Get Hot!

    New buyers beware trying to catch the turn around. Silver will continue to slide until the powers that be decide to flip the switch. This can take a while.

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    • This stock will go down to about $2.22 before it starts to turn around in early October.

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      • IMO, turnaround starts well before Oct; already seeing it in Aug futures and I don't think it makes it down to 2.22. IMO, 900 is bottom for spot gold which equates to 15 spot silver at a 60:1 ratio, which is a little crazy but the reality of the day. $15 spot silver, which would likely be a flash in the pan followed a by a "V" like bounce equates to EXK of about 2.45 based on recent trends and my TA. Not, wanting to miss the dip since I don’t live on the computer, I’m a buyer at Silver spot at 18 +/- .25 and again at 17 +/- and 16 +/-. Though I believe gold 900 is possible, I don’t think it is likely, so the silver 15 is a long shot. Anticipate buyers to pour in on anything below 1000 on gold and silver equivalent. GLTY!

    • yeah whatever,new buyers/ dont make me laugh...joe sixpack loves the dollar ponziii

    • it already has taken more than a while,and maybe the powers that be may just lose their power.This might not take a while.

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      • When Ben talks gold goes down, that's not new, but last week Bernanke started talking about tapering, and some folks noticed. Since then the Fed has been in damage control mode, and Bernanke expressed surprise that interest rates have spiked. Maybe all that tapering talk spooked the markets, and the powers that be might not be able to talk gold and silver down from here, because for starters, the price of gold and silver are sitting near multi-year lows.

        The markets are very fragile here, because of undisclosed derivative losses or some other financial hocus pocus accounting gimmick.

        For years politicians used the excuse that our economy was too fragile to address our big budget issues, and because we never addressed those issues now the politicians are finally right, it is too late to do much but print print print. Print baby print.

        Gold and silver are very manipulated, and the Fed is slowly but surely losing control of their own destiny. It doesn't help that we squander trillions on trumped up wars. Here's an idea: Let's just blame all our problems on PFC Brad Manning, and lets keep him naked and sleepless in solitary confinement until he breaks. Yeah, that's the ticket...

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    • shift,
      Who are the "powers that be"; what "switch" are you talking about; and what is the criteria for "flipping" the switch. Please elaborate, I'm all ears.

    • Imo, the question is whether they'll be able to make it through the storm without having to take on debt or have mass layoffs.

      If they can keep making progress on el cubo and expanding production without taking on debt or laying off at these prices, EXK will be fine in the long run.

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