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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Jul 5, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    A wait and see for El Cubo update from corporate

    There is heavy amounts of ore now being taken from El Cubo, at least at this present time. I'll let management do the talking. You can start your research if you don't have mapping by viewing picture # 2 under El Cubo - website.

    Externals may be more important than internals at this time and serious economic research should accompany.

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    • I wish that corporate would show some satellite heat mapping pictures on their website. Granted some locations like San Sebastian may not be mined for awhile, but investors can't imagine the mileage of bright colored rich veins. Then they could send information packages to sector and growth funds. The pictures and data would jump the stock price. If they need help with this, there are several universities that I'm sure would help. One being in Boston that does research for NASA.

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      • Got this from today's transcript of results;

        "One last comment there. As you know, we have been exploring at El Cubo. The turnaround story is only half of the story at El Cubo. Our strategy there wasn't just to turn it around from losing to making money, but to expand it. And the exploration does look like it's starting to bear fruit. We haven't said anything on that yet, we will this quarter. And in fact, the operations team are working furiously to try and gain access to some interesting new areas. Let's leave it at that."

        looking fwd to hearing more from Brad and team.

    • news, EXK needs silver, not ore. If the ore is only moved to get to silver, what does that do for you today?

      EXK and other miners need to stop selling to Goldmansucks and JPMorgan. ONLY way to stop the manipulators!

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      • I am lying to you all.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • BTW, saw where AG is stockpiling 700,000, because prices are too low.!!
        Gotta love that type thinking.
        The old GoldCorp did that with gold way back when. Had a million ounces stored underground in a vault until prices recovered (eventually turned into GG).

      • datbe, Endeavour now has ample leach circuit capacity to process both Bolanitos and El Cubo concentrates.

        Mine and open areas have feeding to the coarse bin.

        Again, for those without mapping, those are rail cars (picture 2) as stated by Corporate with ore going to the coarse bin to be processed. It's all in active motion, including the mills, crushers, conveyors, floatation and hoppers. You need to get both visual and heat mapping.

        Since they exposed the SW, it's easy to view. The TR vein system of San Sebastian can also be viewed. Several veins within the TR vein system are very rich in gold. With mapping, everything can be viewed as I have stated - assay data each time and on the money before corporate did. I have discussed this in detail and gave pathways (mapping) to view pictures of other mines.

        EXK has contracts to sell their finish product, and it's not to banks. A little investigation will tell you who and where.

    • Why do you think any of what you just said matters. It's all about taking your money.

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