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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Dec 16, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    OT: Senator Reid's treatment of his grandchildren is immoral!

    Congresswoman Pelosi announced that failure to extend long term unemployment
    benefits by Republicans was immoral. Senator Reid announced that he would
    introduce legislation in January to renew unemployment benefits retroactive to
    December 28th (when benefits are due to expire), apparently without regard as to
    where the funds would come from to finance this $25 billion dollar "gift" to
    those out of work for more than 6 months. So, the bi-partisan budget process
    resulting in a new budget to save the government $20 billion over the next
    decade ($2 billion per year) is over? But not according to Senator Reid. He's
    ready to spend another $25 billion per year to fund the long term unemployed.
    But, who will pay?

    Senator Reid should be visiting pre-school children's classrooms and
    kindergartens throughout the country to inform those young children he has made
    a decision for them. He wants those kids to pay for his gifts to distressed
    adults across the land that have been unemployed for more than 6 months. Since
    those kids don't have enough money in their piggy banks to pay for Reid's
    handouts, Reid will have to make those kids sign IOU's (treasury debt) for those
    free handouts. The kids will have to pay for Reid's gifts when they reach
    adulthood. Since our government has never paid back a penny on any handout to
    social programs, the military industrial complex, or to the special interest
    groups over the past 30 years, all deficit spending promised for "free" benefits
    today will, by necessity, be paid by....our children and grandchildren sometime
    in the future. How convenient for Reid! Nobody has to least for now.
    And those young kids...they can't even vote to reject Reid's vision to further
    indebt themselves. They aren't old enough to vote. Senator Reid just assumes
    his grandchildren will relish supporting his vision of overspending on today's
    maladies and thereby jettisoning their financial futures into a infinite abyss.

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    • I would rather the government give vouchers that a person could give to an employer. The voucher would pay half the wage of the unemployed for 6 months. At least some productivity would come from the payments.

      • 1 Reply to shiftsuper175607
      • I wish democrats would stop the love for endless unemployment benefits, it's insurance designed to help for a limited time, and yeah, it's sad, but come on. Also don't see why the gov't wants to spy on us. Even with all their spying they are to inept to connect any dots. It's just fear-based, and the world is a scary place, get over it.

        Doubt we get a taper announcement tomorrow. They can't stop the monetizing of our debt, JMO, who knows. We are in crisis management mode, and there's no crisis, so why taper? If we get a taper expect gold and silver to sell off hard and then rally back big.

        I like this company, just wish we would get an asset in Canada.

    • Reid's immorality towards the young is heartless, wanton, and unforgivable!

      It is so simple. If you don't have the money to pay for something...then you
      don't buy it.

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