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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 19, 2012 8:46 PM Flag


    HQH, thieves that use small print is what we should refer to them as? Perhaps that is strong, used car salesman selling to your grandmothers is what they are. You DUMB F RETAIL never learn and that is why HQH is still around.

    WTF is this?

    "This stock distribution will automatically be paid in newly issued shares of the Fund unless otherwise instructed by the shareholder."

    Sure they sell at a discount but they are diluting their shares with every distribution? By how many shares has their float increased DUMB F RETAIL? you don't know the answer do you? You should!

    Why on earth would you want to receive a dividend and that dividend is granted as a "newly issued share"? What is going to happen? How are these selling a poop sandwich to you, oh with a discount. So now you have a poop sandwich to swallow, enjoy.

    True test and threat to this FUND is that you immediately stop participating in the DRIP.

    Speaking of DRIP..what is the discount you receive compared to the share price on the date it is issued?

    This I find hilarious and insulting.

    Your not doing your HW are you?

    Your paying a 1.47% FEE if you don't know what that number adds up to google it? I know you won't believe me if I told you how well they are ripping you off.

    Why not just buy their top holdings and not pay them for a lack luster peformance thus far.

    Gilead Sciences Inc $20.75M 4.47%
    Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $19.09M 4.11%
    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd $18.09M 3.89%
    Repurchase Agreement, State Street Bank 4.23 30 Jun 2016 $16.53M 3.56%
    Celgene Corporation $14.74M 3.17%
    Vertex Pharmaceuticals $13.84M 2.98%
    Aetna $12.84M 2.76%
    Perrigo Company $12.54M 2.70%
    Allergan, Inc. $11.76M 2.53%
    Mylan Inc $11.76M 2.53%
    Express Scripts $10.80M 2.32%

    I can't wait for the responses from the men and women on the long side of this ticker; the CORNERSTONE FUND girls were all up in arms about their fund and still don't believe it to be in a death spiral.

    DUMB F should ask the longs about how the DISTRIBUTION HAS GONE from being long term to SHORT GAIN in the past 2 distributions is it? You do realize now you get to keep a much smaller part of the distribution and then you have to pay management for at least not having a qtr. in the RED. What do you get left..lots of risk and this team of F'ng loosers...driving in 2013 BENZ. hahahahahha!!! DUMB F RETAIL enjoy.

    Lawrence S. Lewin Independent Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    Daniel R. Omstead Ph.D. President, Trustee
    Laura Woodward CPA Chief Compliance Officer, Treasurer, Secretary
    Michael W. Bonney Independent Trustee
    Rakesh K. Jain Ph.D. Independent Trustee
    Oleg M. Pohotsky Independent Trustee
    William S. Reardon CPA Independent Trustee
    Uwe E. Reinhardt Ph.D. Independent Trustee

    Call or email them and ask them to contest any of the facts stated? PLEAS POST THEIR RESPONSE AND SHARE WITH THE BOARD, DUMB F RETAIL.

    9th Floor, 2 Liberty Square
    BOSTON, MA 02109
    United States - Map
    +1-617-7728500 (Phone)

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