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  • salisburygo salisburygo May 25, 2011 8:11 AM Flag

    QR codes on all car stickers

    just on cnbc where in the course of discussing new epa rules they talked about QR codes being on all car stickers so you can in this instance learn more about emission standards etc for the car you are considering buying...
    just another way QR codes are being used by entities

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    • Another reason why the opt in coupon type of deals are going to generate so much cash. People want the coupons and Augme knows who and what to send to each user. They are highly likely to use them and this converts in to dollars for Augme. They get 10% of each coupon used. Imagine what that number will be every week once it rolls out across thousands of products.

    • QR code is everwhere now but AUGT's Quarterly revenue is less than 1M, this shows QR can be easily spreaded without AUGT. That's the worst part of the whole AUGT story

    • There can be no doubt that QR codes and NFC will likely become more and more in use. The question is will AUGT benifit from this and to what extent.

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      • Clearly this is a rhetorical question Ariel. You're too smart for it not to be.

        While this has been explained ad nauseum, QR codes are merely a link to a company's website. Without Augme's technology which adds function to website and allows for an interactive process and the targeting of content, there is virtually no value to them. Augme is what essentially creates the value behind the QR codes.

        Will Augme benefit from their growth? Have you really taken a moment and looked at the company's client list? Not only does it clearly answer your question, but it would seem to speak on its own.

        I'd ask you one simple question, why do you think all of these top major corporations, with literally thousands of individual brands under their corporate umbrella, are working with Augme? Between us, can you imagine a single better validation of Augme's technology than this list?

        Pharmaceutical Companies

        Abbott Laboratories
        Allergan, Inc.
        Bayer AG
        Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation
        Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
        Genentech; division of Roche Holding AG
        Johnson & Johnson; Ortho-McNeil-Jansen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. divisions
        Pfizer Inc.
        PSKW, LLC, for Shire PLC

        Consumer Product Goods

        Coca-Cola Company; Honest Tea division
        Colgate-Palmolive Company
        Conair Corporation
        Delverde Industrie Alimentari S.P.A.
        Kellogg Company
        Kimberly-Clark Corporation
        Kraft Foods Inc.
        The Clorox Company

        Other Verticals

        Capital One Financial Corp.
        Constellation Brands, Inc.
        Graphic Packaging, Inc.
        Inmar, Inc.
        Javelin Marketing Group, for AT&T / HBO, division of Time Warner
        Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.
        Mister Landscaper, Inc., for Loews Corporation distribution
        Natrol, Inc.
        News America Marketing; division of News Corp.
        Newsday LLC
        Omnicom; PHD division, for HBO, division of Time Warner
        Oracle Corporation
        Scanbuy, Inc., for Diageo
        Springer Mountain Farms, for Major League Baseball
        THQ Inc.
        Ubisoft Entertainment / Gamestop Corp.
        Ventura, Inc., for Sports Illustrated