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  • wefwhjhtrtyjs wefwhjhtrtyjs May 27, 2011 10:09 AM Flag

    The most frustrating thing is

    Augt is up 160% year to date. it's only frustrating if you bought it higher. Gluu did the exact same thing just look at their chart. It went 4.90 to 3 bucks and now back highs. Me thinks Augt will do same thing in time. While u r frustrated some are very happy to be able to buy here. Guess it depends on your time frame. Give it a week or month and you might nfeel different.

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    • You might be true, but most people bought it above $2.5. Another thing for this stock is that: the volume is so low. For example, even someone bought 10K shares, not really big, but when he wants to sell it, it will probably drop the stock 10 cents. I planned to sell some shares before when it was still above $3, but when I sent in the order, the bid just dropped quickly....