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  • jt81508 jt81508 Jun 8, 2011 1:36 PM Flag

    Patent protected AD LIFE™ 'fully managed' software-as-a-service ('SaaS')

    michael, I keep asking the same ?. All these "great news" and we continue to drop in price. Someone is dumping this baby. Today we went down to 2.41. I have no idea what will make this to go UP. correct, they keep hiring very capable,experienced people...but so far no positive, as far as stock price. Hang on

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    • Sadly, it's going to go lower than you think. The market is awful. Nothing is going up to speak of.

      I'm not throwing in the towel....but I'm not buying anything these days. I closed all my options positions. I have nothing margined these days. I probably should have sold more stuff than I did....but it is what it is.

      Just grin and bear it if you can.

    • The stock is dropping because they had a revenue miss(projected that is)' not to mention the weakness in the market. Northland projected 2.6 million and I believe another (Zacks?) projected 2.0 million. Actual revenues were only 1.2 million. The total bookings for the quarter which is revenues plus the increase in deferred revenues was 2.0 million.

      I agree with the Northland analyst that this total is the key metric and the revenue shortfall does not concern me when the overall numbers keep rising the way that they do.