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  • obiyobikobi obiyobikobi Nov 23, 2011 5:57 PM Flag

    are the sellers drying up?

    Yes, we are way oversold, Yahoo case moving along quickly, soon AOL will have a court date, mobile space expanding rapidly, future is bright!

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    • Anyone who doesn't believe there isn't any IP value in this stock is kidding themselves. This move is a perfect example of just what an IP win/rumor might mean. The YHOO/MSFT news along with this little blurb about what Spero might take re YHOO's reluctance to show technical data is only about IP.

      This little gain to day is nice...but it is sooooooooo little compared to what is needed to make anyone whole it's barely worth noting.

      This can go the other way just as easily. AUGT still is worth holding, but not worth adding to IMHO based on this. Really.....something tangible has to happen. I'm still hoping to get lucky.

      I might add that I still would be flabbergasted if YHOO and MSFT hooked up. YHOO is a dumb company and MSFT is not a risk taking company. They just don't seem to fit if you ask me. I also think anti-monopolistic questions will kill any deal. If T can't buy T-Mobile and Medco Health and Experss Scripts can't merge then how does a MSFT-YHOO combination fly?