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  • jsatt11 jsatt11 Jan 6, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

    Augme/Yahoo case management conference today?

    What would the Yahoo settlement along the lines of Arn's post mean to the per share value?

    Based on the following assumptions, it would mean $ 1.31 per share:
    Win award will be 15% of one billion, $ 150 million , no treble damages
    20% ($30 million), will come off the top for litigation costs
    There are 91 million Augme shares outstanding

    Any other ideas?

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    • You can't really evaluate the true value of such a potential defining event as you appear to be attempting to do.

      VHC settled for $200 million with MSFT, their take was roughly $90 million net. The company's market value accordingly increased from approximately $100-$150 million at the time, to it's current $1.35 billion valuation having seen its market value reach over $2 billion at its high.

      Any settlement, let alone one with Yahoo, serves as precedent and validation. The true underlying value of such event can not be understated as it unlocks the potential multi-billion dollar value of the company's IP portfolio, of which in excess of 500+ additional infringers remain.

    • Validation of the IP is priceless. There are 7 cases moving along the path to trial. It also gives Goodwin Procter and ipCapital a much bigger stick when licensing to other companies.

    • well, assuming a straight cash value yes... but consider

      - more stability and no more dilution
      - higher stock price to get listed on an exchange
      - investment in the core business
      - strength and muscle to push for more settlements
      - precedence in the courts

      I think that on the whole, it's more than $1.31/share