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  • ted_b270 ted_b270 Jan 11, 2012 1:02 AM Flag

    Settle early or wait for treble damages?

    Do you think Augme will go for an early settlement and offer a deal for settling say up to six months early or just wait for trial and hope for treble damages? Do you think they will have a sliding scale for the longer Yahoo waits the more it will cost?

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    • Mick, thank-you so much for your kind words. I can understand where you are coming from in your "rant" as I share many of your thoughts and feelings about the macro healthcare situation. It is being slowly destroyed right in front of our eyes and most people cannot even see it. Good luck to you also in your "retirement"; I am a little jealous that you are transitioning into that phase at a much younger age than I, but based upon your commentary I suspect you will be finding other meaningful activities to pursue.

    • Congrats on your retirement as well HB. Whether you made your decision based on age, maintaining your own sanity or whatever the case may be. (I have a few friends in your specialty and I truly applaud your choice of specialties, God knows it is needed and the gents I get together with for a round of golf now and then don't seem to be particularly gratified with your profession. A sign of the times I suppose, and certainly third party reimbursements coming apart at the seams). In any event you jumped at an appropriate time given the ambiguity of the entire healthcare infrastructure. I started and continue to operate a Home Medical and Respiratory Services Co. which I began at 19. God has blessed my efforts and I have in return shared those blessings. As recently as five or six years ago, I had multiple offers on the table which I declined primarily because I love what I do and did not want to place my "family" of employees in the cold hands of corporate America. Those offers are now about half of what they were and I'm preparing to pick-up the pen. Home Care comprises just 1.3% of CMS' budget, yet they have decimated our reimbursement. With Home Health Care Nursing and Hospice as an adjunct, we can now provide 85% of post acute care which is a quantum leap from 25 years back. We are a dime on a ten thousand dollar bill and it simply comes down to the narcissistic politicians and the lobbyists as they turn a blind eye to the only viable solution to sustain Medicare. My apologies for the rant, it is pitiful to have built something so noble and altruistic and have a mindless government tear it apart. So, at 48 I'll be retiring from my end of the health care continuum and I wish you all the best. Your posts have always been thought provoking and you are the peacemaker of this board as I've often noticed your keen ability to diffuse animosity when possible. Guess it must come with the territory. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Mick.

    • I agree with you regarding the core business. By any comparison to others in the space, Augme is pretty substantially discounted. I too agree the market will figure out what many people in the mobile space already know.

    • I think the best prescription would be a nice pleasant surprise from Augme.

    • Congrads on the retirement...maybe prescribe them something....

    • You're close on the profession, Sirius. I am a psychiatrist, just recently retired.

    • are psychologiest are you hfb??? why don't help these tortured soles...maybe tell them if they go pound their head against sand it might help them get a life.

    • Cortiz, great post!!! But you know how it is, some people just have a need to be negative. If they were living in the Garden of Eden they would think all the fruit trees would quit bearing fruit, or some serpent would come along and ruin everything.

    • So your point is Augme only needs one validation of its patents and it too should have a $1.6 billion or whatever market valuation? That's like $19 a share for Augme. I hope you're right! Here's some more facts for you in the interim. Sure you already know all this from listening to the other days call.

      150,000 campaigns since 2004 inception. Vs 130,000 prior guidance. 33% CY 2011

      $6.4M new contract in Nov 7 & Dec, w/ $3.7M in Dec alone

      > $15M backlog

      15 industry verticals. > 50 Fortune 500 customers. 300 brands.

      Ø 10 of largest 20 pharmas
      Ø 6 largest media companies
      Ø 4 largest advertising agencies
      Ø 1 largest food company

      Avg sales/client now $110K. vs. $50K 9 months ago, > 100% increase

      15,000 campaigns in the qtr. 30 new customers

      136 new contracts

      140 employees, 8 US locations. Hiring to sales & service ERP/SAAS

      Now all under one company, Hip Cricket brand name. HC AD Life.

      60% sales coming from SAAS.

      Hip Cricket contracts more long-term vs. Augme, avg 1-3 years

      Filed 3 additional patents in Q3

      AOL 2 pre trial date extended to Feb 1st

      HC is further along on self service SAAS model vs. Augme. In process discussions with a # of large companies. I’m currently at Oracle conference in Scottsdale. Scalable & more profitable. Now investing in more sales and client service. $3.7M in new contract just in the last month alone


      · We are experiencing high growth on all fronts
      · We now have the abilities in place to penetrate
      · Everyone of our segments are growing rapidly, including SAAS
      · We just hired a stellar guy on the ERP level to target brand new vertical
      · We are very optimistic on the #’s we will hit

    • The big and factual difference is that VHC has already had their patent validated through a court win. BIG difference. Augme has not. FACT. And are you saying that that all of wall street does not see this augme's potential? Are they that stupid or you that smart?

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