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  • shedhntr77 shedhntr77 Jun 6, 2012 10:34 AM Flag


    You said,
    "No. I witnessed the exact same thing at the VHC Markman against Apple/Cisco/NEC/Aastra firsthand. Its meaningless. Patent litigation is extremely complex/time consuming and all judges want the cases to settle."
    The Markman order in those cases was only issued six weeks ago. Aastra has already settled. How is that proof that our odds of settling are no better than average? When you say you "witnessed the exact same thing" Was it really the Exact same thing? If a judge talks to both parties and says, "c'mon guys, can we work this out?" That is no where near the same as focusing on the defendants lawyer and asking point blank "Have you considered settling this thing?" Rumors of settlements flying around are not the same as the defendant telling the judge "We tried to settle" even BEFORE the Markman Hearing.
    You were seeming to discount the "90% settle" thing. I think our odds are better than the average based on the actual facts, that's all I'm saying.