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  • jacobsjim11 jacobsjim11 Jun 13, 2012 3:24 PM Flag

    Eyes Wide Open

    I have been reading various posts for a little over 6 months now at the suggestion of a friend who urged me to take a look at Augme and invest if I felt compelled. I normally do NOT post anything ever but could not resist after reading some of the posts here over the past month. Augme itself seems like it is in the early stages of an industry that has alot of eyeballs in it and is growing like crazy. Despite all the growth in the industry it is having challenges like any other company in the growing stages. What I do not like is some posters here who seems to continue to post encouraging comments even though Augme has not met expectations thus far. This is a stock that is listed on a substandard exchange, and with it comes some substantial risks which is why most funds are prohibited from buying. Some of these posters continue it seems to encourage and promote the stock despite these associated risks. I can only assume that these posters (pumpers) are either invested heavily or have some other interest in the Augme. They seem to come out in droves and pounce anyone who questions the validity of the company's directions, quarterly revenue results, or the validitiy of their patents however credible they may be. If you look at where augme's stock price is today versus what these posters say it should be it does not merit any positive reinforcement whatsoever. I have seen these type of pump and dump schemes many times before where promoters will savage any posters who raise questions at all whether they are credible or not. Bottom line? Augme should be able to stand alone on the merits of their results and results only. Nothing else really matters. Thus far, Augme has not performed period. In fact they have underperformed, severly in fact. And suffice to say there is nothing that is publicly known to say any different. This might change in the future buy this is today. Some promoters do more harm to the average investors than good because they continue to use language that would suggest one is unintelligent if they do not take advantage of depressed prices and buy. History shows that these type of promoters are called con men. And judging by the posts I have been reading some of these posters are well versed at the con. Of course, they speak with confidence and eloquence to gain the trust of their readers. Conclusion: Augme is in a space that is growing by leaps and bounds but the fact remains, they have much to prove in order to justify any price appreciation market credibility. Happy Hunting.

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    • I don't think the judge's letter is going to make a difference in the share price. Sure, it's great that the cases aren't going to be consolidated but I don't think that was a major concern anyway. The AOL case is going to be a jury trial anyway, McMahon won't be determining the outcome. Obviously what she allows and disallows in terms of evidence will play a role in the final outcome, so it's not like her opinion will have zero impact, but it'll all come down to what the jury thinks.

      I could care less what anyone here says about me, I've called it as I've seen it from day one, both positive and negative. I've done well trading in and out of the stock in the past and am certain I will continue to do so in the future. I'm not here to win any popularity contests, only to present as fair a perspective as I can about the current state of the business. It doesn't matter to me who likes it or who doesn't. They have just as much right to be positive as I have to be negative. I've said before many times that I like the potential of the company due to the IP and that if they could get their house on order on the mobile side, so much the better, but right now, the mobile side is a detriment to current shareholders. Anyone who says they use the mobile business to "get them through" until the lawsuits are decided should look at the negative cash flow generated by the mobile side of the business to this point and realize that it's not "getting them by", it's pushing them farther behind. They would have been better to have simply been a patent troll and had no mobile business. Maybe all of this cash they've poured into it and losses they've taken on the mobile side of the business will pay off, but I have my doubts. The mobile marketing industry as a whole is growing extremely quickly, but Augme isn't. Anyone who talks about the incredible revenue growth they achieved last years and fails to mention that the vast majority wasn't organic, it was due to their purchase of HipCricket (which they still, coincidentally, haven't paid for in full yet) is either being disingenuous or they don't know what they're talking about. The people that say that HipCricket is now supposed to be Augme's mobile marketing arm because Augme's original mobile marketing arm wasn't that good are likely the same ones who were pumping Augme's standalone mobile marketing arm when Arena and his band of scamalysts predicted $16 million in revenues from Augme's standalone mobile marketing arm last year. It's all really quite laughable. If telling the truth about the mobile side of the business makes me a basher, oh well, somehow I'll still sleep tonight.

    • dang spetty, ya trying to win the basher of the week award?

      the boys had just settled down after this lastest piece of news and you have to go stir them all up again.

      now we will hear from :in order of appearance, well somewhat.

      pete claiming your fake cus ya got no history.

      wake saying your ignorant

      timmy saying your gay

      mapster saying your a douch

      hfb saying you have ulterior motives

      hsghgfsasdft5jyk.. saying your a big cry baby

      well i could go on but its late and my eighth grade writing course starts on thursday.

      best of luck

      i might change my mind here and start a new trading position since its clear the boys are goona pump up the judges letter. we shall see how it goes in the morning. if this puppy doesnt cross back over two bucs on this news ,we will see 1.50 sooner then later.imo

    • Yeah, I sold at a higher price than the shares are at now, so it's all good. How's your position working out for you? I'd saying being flat on this one is working out pretty well for me...

    • you have a lot to learn about companies and what they will do. first up look at a company called enron, my those guys bought everything in sight and told us all that they were doing great. wonder where that company is these days??????

    • What I don't understand is why the board of directors and executives at the company (who by the way have hundreds of thousands of shares in this stock) would allow the investment in VSST and the purchase of GEOS IP if they were in such a dire cash flow situation. Oh wait they wouldn't.

    • Did you call the company yet and ask them about their cash position? Stick it until you do. You ever get a beat down from an old man wielding a cane? First time for everything.

    • no one cares what you may or may not do..stock info is alwys welcome tho..

    • very few ip cases make it to trial. good point. of those that make it to trial 50% go on appeal. about 50% get overturned on appeal. ip litigation is all over the map.

      I am taking those odds with a company that is out of money. Still may invest but not at this juncture.

      Sorry, just not drinking the Kool-aid. I may when the market cap gets cut in half or I lose an opportunity on an "event".

    • 90% chance both yahoo and aol settle by year end. You willing to bet against those odds?

    • right. ip litigation takes years. I'm sure AOL is sending a check to fund the losses at AUGT right now. Dumbass.

      In the real world its one thing to be "owed" money and an entirely different thing to collect on it.
      Simpleton. check the stock price.

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