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  • cc012013 cc012013 Aug 14, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    Canaccord Presentation Brief

    I missed two important points:

    * A near term income surprise from the patent side that could take Augme into cash positive

    * Consider to bring in a NPE to pursuit the 600+ infringers through licensing deals

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    • Around 80 patents pending, 1 very close to final approval, 13 issued. Cases only involve 4 of the patents.

      Many defendents argue themselves into admitting they infringe on some of the patents not part of the case while defending agaisnt the patent that are part of the case.

      With Yahoo they will either appeal or approach Yahoo with a settlement proposal. They have not decided yet.

      However, perhaps the biggest number put on the table was that based on the 600 infringers in 9 industry veticals they have identified they believe the patent portfolio has a net present value of $5.5 billion.

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      • I've spoken about this before. Here lies the ultimate beauty of Augme's legal position against companies like both AOL and YAHOO.

        Both parties have made the word "embed" the absolute hallmark of their defense. Unbeknownst to them, while they were trying to argue their way out of the current cases with the current patents relying on the interpretation of the word embed, perhaps Augme received a new patent that completely removed the word from any of its language.

        If embed is the only word you relied on as your defense with respect to the first cases and patents, what happens when you remove embed, but all else remains the same. It would appear clear you may have argued yourself right into literal infringement on the new and yet to be asserted patents.

        As I've said before, Augme has yet to even unload a full clip on certain infringers. They have pleanty more firepower and rounds that they may use if needed.