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  • cc012013 cc012013 Aug 14, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    Updated Canaccord Presentation Brief

    * A near term income surprise from the patent side that could take Augme into cash positive

    * Considering to settle with Yahoo due to last week's litigation setbacks

    * Considering a strategy to bring in a NPE to pursuit the 600+ infringers through licensing

    * In the process of receiving a 14th patent

    * Litigation defendants usually argued themselves into infringment of other Augme patents

    Please listent to the actual web cast yourself to get a better picture:

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    • Amazing how you tend to hear what you want to hear Warnbeeb. The rest of us all listened to it and nowhere in it did they state the cashflow break even was inclusive of any IP settlement or license. It amazes me how you state things that aren't true with such conviction. Even when it's clear as day you get it wrong. Either your stupid, absent minded, or doing it on purpose.

    • Warn, I came away from the presentation with the impression that they were really focusing on the core business model, the successful implementation of the campaigns, and the rapid growth in revenue from that. My interpretation was that they believed they would reach cash flow positive with just the core business revenue. Any IP monetization revenue would be additional. In any event they sounded confident of growing revenue from BOTH sides of the business. This is an example of what I was referring to in my response to Michael in another thread that the "tone" is completely different from what it has been in the past. And there is no question that business is ramping up.. Good times are ahead, IMO.

    • yea it sucks that this:

      A near term income surprise from the patent side that will take Augme to cash positive sooner than projected

      came at the very end right as they ran out of time. Would have loved to hear more. I doubt this is anything to do with Yahoo as they are still deciding what to do in that case and it sounded too small to be an AOL agreement. Any thoughts? MM, Velti? I just love when 30 minutes after this call the stock goes up 10 cents. Probably going to be a good day tomorrow...

    • Wannabee,

      Did you actually listen to the call? They were very clear there was no IP included in getting to cash flow positive. I have no idea where you came up with your statement but you can either go back and find out you were wrong or you can continue to post false information. Why would you intentionally try to mislead people?

      Who do you think the NPE is they talked about who could help them go after the additional 600+ infringers valued at over $5.5B?


    • I listened to the presentation. It sounded very nice. Nothing particularly new in there. The value of the patents...$5 billion...they've said that alot.

      They admitted that their suit with YHOO got tossed and now they will negotiate a settlement or appeal. Why would YHOO settle? They might, but really, they just got the suit thrown out so I can't see them settling for much of anything beyond another "not meaningful" deal like Lucid. I suspect AUGT will appeal. Okey dokey.

      The new patents pending is nice.

      If I missed it I apologize but Braiker talked about campaigns running from $15k to $600k. That's good, but i thought at the SH meeting they had $1 mil. dollar campaigns. It might not mean much. I guess multiple campaigns from one client could exceed $1 mil in total. That might be what was meant. No problem.

      I think it's a bit of a reach to suggest the near term settlement negotiation is the one with MSFT (which IMHO doesn't exist) or it might mean they "hope" they can squeeze some $$ out of YHOO. That is definitely a wait and see thingy. I didn't take that comment to mean it is going to happen. I took it to mean they are hoping it will happen. It was open ended enough that they could say it without actually promising anything. It was pretty boilerplate to me.

      THey admitted that they would need IP licensing revenue to become cash flow positive this year.

      I actually hope they get that licensing deal. Some cash ASAP so there's no borrowing/dilution. That would be nice.

      I had no problem with it. I can hold my shares without a huge concern. I didn't think it screamed buy, buy, buy. And it wasn't bad and screaming sell. I think they kinda confirmed my whole take on it. The IP is still the thing that will kick this to the next level. They suggested they had a settlement on deck...and they suggested the big payoff is infringemnt. Exactly what I've been saying.

    • At this point I just want Augme to show me instead of tell me...we've been hearing "positives" for too long. I want to see a positive surprise sometime soon please.

      Also, how would they settle with Yahoo? Now that Yahoo won the MSJ, wouldn't they not want to pay Augme anything?

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      • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Aug 15, 2012 1:09 AM Flag

        Bradley paraphrasing:
        "... break-even... all based on the business operation side... not a dollar from the licensing side... however i believe we have a revenue suprise based on our ability to generate significant revenue from our ip monitazation strategy in the near term which may BEAT our estimate of breakeven cashflow..."

        Yes billy, all patents asserted in cases thus far are continuations or extensions of the 1st one filed in 1999, so they are all related.

        As for the yahoo settlement, there was already some discussion I think involving AOL (although it may have been yahoo), in which there was a term in dispute, 'embed', that was not clear in the asserted patent, so it was a sticky issue, but since then, a latter issued patent is very clear about the term which removes the defendants argument. The infringement arguments that were asserted in all these cases thus far, may not have been covered by the language of existing issued patents at the time the suit was filed, but rest assured, the priority date of the invention which they are based on means it is just a matter of time before there is one issued that does cover it. I think that is why he made the argument that he did concerning yahoo settlement. Its kind of 'well you may have gotten away on that argument, but we still got you on this one, and now we know what your defense is and you just admitted infringing, so the next one will much harder for you'.

      • The CTO kind of hinted why they might think a negotiated settlement with Yahoo is possible although you had to read between the lines to get there.

        The 7 cases filed to date only involve 4 of AUGT's 13 patents. The CTO mentioned that in their attempt to defend themselves against the 4 asserted patents that some defendants may have unintentionally admitted to infringing on one or more of the remaining 9 unasserted patents.

        He did not say that this was the case with Yahoo. However, that is about the only reason I can think of why AUGT would think they have any leverage with Yahoo as far as a negotiated settlement is concerned.

    • thanks, no prob

    • My apologies...I should have known it was sarcasm but I havent been following the board as closely as in the past.

      GREAT POST!!!

    • I actually bought more on that fateful day last week.

    • imiami,
      I apologize if I jumped the gun, your post yesterday sounded like you were selling or sold.

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