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  • bylowsellhigh12 bylowsellhigh12 Sep 11, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    Company has a unch of little #$%$ for shareholders.

    Boo freakin hoo. Smart people are buying your shares you little #$%$.

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    • bylow, youve been around for a half day now. Where did you come from? You seem to just be a pumping loser. Prove me wrong. I believe you said "pop like a cork any day now"...? Beat it turd.

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      • We are buying at a steal; look at one and three year charts; notice any similarity?
        Total headline AOL included Zuckerburg commenting Mobile is where FB will benefit most as opposed to desktops.....conviction is AUGT and your joining us in the 21st century

        AUGT is moving forward and financials are in process of metamorphisis and "gearing" up for future dramatic value.
        Currently, we're finding the bottom as we will see the typical whipsaw range, high volume (fearful are selling what they should be buying) and unfilled buy orders because the "sell " is a fascade by sophisticated buyers and panicked sellers.

        Sophisticated traders (net buyers) like to sell small amounts to create the appearance of falling prices and the buy orders can't get filled because the sell volume is a fascade to scare the fearful.

        Buffet is rich because of "buy when there's blodd in the streets" and it's happening now; back up the truck because the train is leaving the station.