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  • jt81508 jt81508 Sep 19, 2012 10:17 AM Flag

    Change in strategy?

    Well, after the events, I got back on board. I wonder if management will change the plans..meaning relying less on the legal issues and concentrate on WHAT WORKS; Hipcricket business model and eventually uplisting in another exchange . The possibility of being bought ? I wonder what Mr. Arena plans to do with the thousands of share he received as part of his pay (6,250 monthly since June 2010)
    Hang on

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    • The two are not mutually exclusive. One is not being pursued at the expense of the other. The best you can argue is that the IP litigation has been costly without results YET. However, the company must protect the integrity of its IP against infringers. period.

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      • We should find out quite a bit more about the impact of this managment change on AUGME's strategy at the upcoming quartely conference call in early October, but it seems fair to say that based announcment of Mr. Hussey's appointment as CEO that more focus and resources will be put into HC. That doesn't mean they are abandoning the IP, but they will probably explore what options they have to involve a 3rd party in attacking the IP side of the business. Maybe they figure they need to win a case to be in a position to do a favorable deal in this area and they are willing to let the current cases play out before getting more aggresive in that area.

        Looking forward to seeing what Mr. Hussey has to say and how he says it.

      • Augme versus AOL/Gannett is on the rocket docket in NY. That's what they are calling the new pilot program aimed at fast tracking complex patent suits. Good Markman ruling a couple weeks ago and Judge McMahon pushing it forward aggressively Briefs due on the 5th regarding definition of "associated". 6 years and AOL can't shake them. Rumor has it AOL showed up with 9 lawyers at last Fridays hearing. They must be concerned about something! Damages in that case alone could be at least $500 million, yet here we sit with a 90 million market cap and a business that just by itself has been stated to be worth a minimum of $200 million. Gotta luv fair markets!