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  • truthnomore truthnomore Sep 21, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    Where r u Truth?

    Funny Truthbetolde, Arn, billy all gone. None, zero, nada of their predictions came tru.

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    • It's sad, but true.

      Personally, I still believe the value of the company, but I was so wrong about the timing, and that's why my Augme holding is under by almost 50%. PA took a good bet, but he lost.

    • we all jumped out of a plane and are praying that the parachutes don't open... quite the contrary... hey Einstein, 640 infringers.. if you think that 1 patent licensing company wants their business you are out of your mind...THINGS GET COMPLICATED sometimes.. doesn't mean they are not going to workout... quite the contrary. think about how many experts vetted the patents; John Cronin, Goodwin Procter, lucid media lawyers, hipcricket lawyers twice, and oh yeah a guy by the name of Don Stout. if you are a patent Licensing company, working with augme would be an absolute dream.

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      • U r big loser. All those people, and what happened? U r big and sore loser. U no credibility.

      • All of your posts have been horribly wrong. Here is a small subset.

        "relying on my gut, the confidence from paul and overall tenor of the day, negotiating skills from john cronin, stout, and paul. I really think that paul threw us a bone because, despite what some people think on this board, the 3 amigos believe that paul is doing a good job and we said so. actually, jason said it. we talked about the legal process and how it take so long and it is out of our hands. paul was very appreciative that we came and still happy despite the depressed stock price. if I am wrong about the deal I will say so publicly as well. but I believe when the deal is announced, we will have instant and well deserved respect for our technology."

        "I believe we are in a very strong position because of our patents. I think paul, don stout and john cronin, the original 3 amigos, have made a really good deal for us shareholders. I cannot offer specifics but I will say publicly that when we do actually learn the terms of the agreement it will be a pleasure to read. just my gut."

        "based on the massive strength of our Ip, and pauls confidence at the shareholder meeting, which was palpable, I believe even though we are asking for financing, WE ARE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT. and because of that enviable position, one can only assume, that the terms of the financing will be very amenable to us.. no "debbie downer" when looking at the terms but rather more euphoria when looking at that terms..JMO, of course"

        "flyers, dead wrong on the first. time will tell and I will bring this back up to you. you can count on it. point number 2, you will find out you are wrong again and the terms of the financing will be very amenable to us. on this 1 you will find out probably within 10 days or so, if not sooner. and again I will throw this back to you.. by that time however, I will be in a great mood, and my jabs at you will be with a smile.:) :)... don't forget we are on the same team and I am a team player.. and I have always appreciated your posts."

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    • They can't handle the truth so they give us garbage!

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    • I think Truth was PA