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  • emsdadtimbo emsdadtimbo Sep 28, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    Righting the ship at a record pace

    Many view this latest offering as a negative event...I do NOT.

    My reasons:

    1.) Arena is gone. He had some positive traits, but fiscal management was clearly not one of them. He should not have run the company into a negative cash burn situation. Let's keep in mind if the IP financing deal had gone through Arena would have been a hero. The last-minute Yahoo ruling apparently dashed the deal at the 11th hour, but the subsequent AOL deal quickly bolstered our IP position. Had the IP financing deal gone through Arena would still be at the helm, which means all of the associated overhead related to Arena's operation would have continued and we would have been back here again at some point in the future.

    2.) Hussey is in charge. Clearly a VERY different management style to Arena's. Pays strict attention to operating costs and is decisive and not afraid to pull the trigger. If Arena's shooting off his mouth on the last conference call and elsewhere, coupled with poor fiscal management led to Hussey being in charge, I am grateful because we have a much better Captain now.

    3.) We now have the cash we need as we transition to cash flow positive status. I believe this will be the FINAL dilutive offering because management is very deliberately reducing overhead and continuing to increase sales at a dramatic rate quarter over quarter. I have often been critical of the excessive SG&A expenses, but I finally feel we have that issue under control. Further detailed reporting will quantify my assertion.

    I believe we had to sacrifice the tip of a finger (with this offering) to save the entire arm. We are in the absolute best position we have ever been in as shareholders. The company now has adequate financing, sound fiscal management, and most importantly a very robust business. Keep your eye out for much larger transactions being signed while we await IP litigation advances. I have always contended we will be acquired within the next 12 months and feel more strongly about that than ever before. I am not sure what the acquisition price per share will be, so I am certainly taking advantage to dramatically average down my price per share. I am now under $1.00 per share on average and am grateful to have had the opportunity to do so.

    This is not a question of is a matter of WHEN. I believe that WHEN is closer than one might think.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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