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  • biggergrove biggergrove Sep 28, 2012 6:11 PM Flag

    Righting the ship at a record pace

    Are you guys kidding? After all the pain we have all gone through and with the prospects now better than they have ever been, you are willing to break even? I don't believe it!

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    • Great company and opportunity but just a bad stock right now. That will change soon. I know one of the the lead investors on this financing round. He didn't even want to look at the deal at first but when he did and met management, he ended up being a lead in the deal he liked it so much. He just bet a few million this stock goes much higher than the 80 cents he paid. When the stock hits $3-$4-$5 over the next year some people here will look back on Friday as the day they zigged instead of zagged. The day they could have secured their financial freedom and bought an evential billion dollar company for a paultry $70 million valuation.

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      • Well said. I have been burned by likes of those here that keep yelling the "SKY IS FALLING" without looking at big picture a few years down the road. The fact is when things do come together those who missed the opportunity as you state will also feel the pinch and pain that they are feeling on this trip down. Hopefully they just don't get fooled enough to sell at these levels listening to these three stooges on Xenox. lol

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