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  • kneeon464 kneeon464 Sep 28, 2012 4:13 PM Flag

    paul arena, PA - who cares already??????????

    for 5 days that's all i've read....every other post...he's gone , it's over, it's's a fresh start from where we are...the financing issue is out of the way...the sell-off today was wayyyy overdone..diluting 10 percent not only brings us to .90 from a dollar (the artificially low price where we were) but it also rermoves the doubt of the co. continuing (not that i ever saw that as a hard is it to raise 6mm when your about to breakeven on CF in a couple of months and rev are increasing and contracts are being signed). But all these posts about Arena have nothing to do with where the stock or co. is going. So who cares? This is a gift..The close was very strong...there is NOTHING to drive the stock lower at this point. Sure , if things don't work out down the road, anything could happen..but for now, we have the conf and earnings 10/10, we have the financing and we have the new mgmt and we have the lowest price ever. It's done

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