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  • michael.liang85 michael.liang85 Oct 16, 2012 10:29 PM Flag

    This Board is Panicing


    I do not expect much from a settlement with AOL. Any money we get I will take it and just say plow it into Hipcricket. We settled with LucidMedia. That was pathetic. Obviously I hope we get millions of dollars from AOL but I just don't see it happening. If it does, then we are off to the races. But if Vringo couldn't get much from AOL, I have less confidence we will. At this point I just want HC to keep hitting singles.

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    • Many of us early investors expected a bit more robust growth and of course something from the IP, and so did the street. A couple very nice quarters that would indicate augme is about to explode would launch the stock price where we all thought it might be. The street will pay a premium for explosive growth, but...although 15-20% hits the "nice" revenue gain, I think we need more -30-40% in a quarter or 2 that shows mobile marketing is truely taking off. The time is now.

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      • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Oct 17, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

        now i have heard it. That is the stupidest thing you have said in a while, and you usually only whine and complain like a little #$%$, prognosticating doom, and griping, trading in and out. Like Juntin-cries, who whines and cries, and throws a fit, posting his ignorance publicly at every tenth of a penny down... boo hoo hoo boo hoo hoo.

        This stupid doodoo-face.. garbage, crap, stupid, POS, and... the CEO, and stock, and... and... they cant do anything right... wahwahwah... stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp.... (kick dog, break things)... they blow it every time... they should change the name... they should sell the whole company for anything offered... The CEO has had a month to prove he can make me rich, or at least get my $25k back to even, and he has failed... wah wah wah... and my 8000 shares is all i had.... boo fuckin hoo.

        Do you not see how much like a baby you sound? both you idiots!

        Now, 15% to 20% is NICE?... NICE?, NICE?... they cant do anything right, but they should do 30% to 40% in a quarter. before I think they are worthy of me saying anything good.

        now all of you whinny, negative, bashing, doomsayers that love to justify your continuous losses... every single damn time you dive into something. Here is a clue... YOU LOOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE SHORT-SIGHTED, AND YOU HAVE NO FAITH. Read the bible... it says you have to have faith, try it! You sit at your stools dropping your quarters in, day after day, chasing the price up and down, dwindling it away... crying every time lemons show up, dropping your load on the house... then go away and justify your loss by drowning it in Ying and bud, boring everyone that comes around... That is called pathetic.

        Do you know what it takes? I'll give you a hint: It takes what it takes!!! It takes as long as it takes, and it takes as much money, and CEOs, and quarters, and analysts, and campaigns, and every thing else that it takes it what it takes. Now, are we clear on that?

        Maybe since it has never worked for you by whining and crying, and panic selling at the bottom, and posting your ignorance and stupidity publicly... maybe... just maybe, you might try not doing that. Instead, take a stand based on your DD conviction, and live and die by by it. Try being a man not a whinny little mouse. When you do that, you demonstrate that you are the poster-boy for this dying, failing nation.

        Your awakening to this fact will be a thing to behold in the next few years.

        You think the market knows something we dont? What? What is there to know that everyone else in the world knows that we dont know, that justifies the low stock price? ... what is it? Who is it that knows all this?

        The answer is, THE MARKET DOESN'T KNOW #$%$ about this stock. The market is just fickle quite often with small thinly traded volatile stocks from little companies trying to grow up. The problem is, like the FED trying to fight deflation; while the price declines, no one is going to attempt to stop the drop, because they could have gotten a better price if they had waited, and the price declines from individual sellers that DO NOT KNOW enough! Often the buyer will wait to see where (and if) it will stop, then they buy. That is what I do, how about you? Most people that make money in stocks do that.

        The problem is, the stock is falling off because the market does NOT know enough. If they want to know something, and come here for information, they get a little bit of truth from a few who have faith that speak of their BELIEF (the key when knowing is thin), that the stock will do fine based on what is known (fundamentals)... and they know mostly a load of crap from the rest of the idiots that whine and cry and throw fits... that is what they know. I have news for you... the market is Us... me and you... I know what I know, and what i dont know, I choose to believe. What do you know that is different than what I know, because we do not agree? I see things 180 different than you do.

        I have nothing personally against you or anyone else here, but you really need to hear this. Hopefully shock you into reality.

        I hope you don't have any kids (or grandkids), or I hope for their sake, you never give them any advise on anything!!!

        Why don't you grow up... old man... and grow a pair, you sniveling #$%$

      • I think that possibility exists. Believe me, if they land one or two of those big deals, the numbers will change dramatically. They are working on deals right now that alone are worth more than they've ever done in a single Q and they will inevitably close one, if not many of them. They have the best offering period. Just remember your saying the time to see the staggering growth is now. Sorta but bear in mind the entire mobile technology revolution is still just in its infancy, maybe entering the second inning. You really haven't seen anything yet. It's just now that major brands are starting to seriously shift their ad spend to the medium. That's why I keep saying to see the growth we're seeing with only an average current 1-2% mobile ad spend commitment is remarkeable. Wait until it soon gets to 10% aver the next year or so.

    • Michael, I would just love to know what's the formal IP plan that will be announced in the next 30 days....IMO I really believe that the reason we haven't had a deal with an NPE is because of the depressed stock price and the secondary... if you were in the process of buying a house, and you knew you were the only buyer, and right before the closing you found out that there is a very good chance that the seller would be going into foreclosure (our secondary and depressed stock price) would you still offer the selller fair market value?? or would you play hardball and try to get 20 to 30 percent off the price??.. I believe once we get some strength with the stock price and IP and business developments, that deal, that other posters were so excited about, will come to fruition with the NPE and be a complete game changer.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy