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  • johnnystocks1 johnnystocks1 Oct 21, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    This Board is Panicing

    Well for those of you Hipcricket followers and AUGT touts, I'm guessing you enjoyed seeing Jeff Hasen on this mornings "It's a Digital World" video from MSNBC Your Business. Will it help the value of your investment in AUGT? Who knows...

    flyers, not bashing ya or trying to discredit you, considering you probably had a good reason or two at one point to be bullish on AUGT. Knowing that you typically do much better DD than many of the twits on some of these boards, I do however find it curious why you would ever be bullish on AUGT. Whether Arena or Hussey is running the show here does it really matter? These boys were both involved with Geos Communications (ticker GCMI) and if that doesn't scare the investor pants off of you I don't know what would. The turd, GCMI, is barely trading (current price $0.0016) on the pinks and at a glance as far as I can see the company went dark on shareholders. Just based on associations (even beyond the above) why would Mr. Market ever like AUGT? The company continues to dilute and its outstanding common is well over 100M shares and just this last reported quarter the company reported a loss from operations over $7.1M. Seriously, other than PR's and chatter from players touting how great this company is, why would anyone in their right mind invest their hard earned dollars in AUGT? Last year this ticker was pumped to over $4 a share and for those (suckers) who bought heavy and continue to hold, they are sitting on massive losses with risk of their investment ending up at GCMI's level. Or is AUGT so different and is there really a light at the end of this dark tunnel? If by chance you're still holding AUGT I wish you the best of luck. It's clearly a risky (and highly speculative) bet and even if this thing gets pumped hard it has a long way to go just to reach past trading levels. IMO however, as it sits, this isn't worth $0.65 cents and if the bleeding continues I wouldn't be surprise to see it under $0.50 cents soon. Take care...

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    • Maybe this will help you become better educated since you your only here stalking your buddy who like ETAK. How much you want to wager your bashing at the low while you really should be building a position yourself?

      25M in revenue run rate

      400 companies 600 brands

      60 fortune 500

      12 fortune 100

      95% renewal rate clients raving fans

      clear channel still client after 8 years

      15 industries

      Working with largest casinos

      Ad network differentiate Click and go to landing page. Post engagement platform. Analytics

      Ford multi million client now

      Every Ford has QR code

      added 30 new clients last month

      6.25M and 21M trailing

      70M shareholder equity

      Margins 60%

      30M+ run rate after next quarter

      Clients going deeper and broader

      Kellogg's all cereals

      Clorox 42 brands

      RFPs 55% wins

      Augme gets 2.3-3.5% click throughs compared to 1.5% everyone else in industry

    • I find it humorous how the touts and clueless on this mb are excited that Hussey is at the helm. If GCMI's failure didn't wake you up maybe you should consider Axcess International (ticker AXSI) and the fact that last year these fine folks threw out a filing which gave notification of their inability to timely file their 10-K. The company has yet to file their 10-K and their auditor recently quit. Speaking of auditors are you aware that AUGT's (former?) auditor is MaloneBailey, which happens to be the firm that audit scam company NIVS (among others), signed off on their fraudulent financials, then later quit because management didn't cooperate and MB didn't want to be associated with the fraud they eventually uncovered.

      I've yet to find a good reason to buy this stock at any price. Even a speculative buy is difficult to justify because I struggle overlooking the glaring red flags. Think I'll lower my target to zero on this ticker but remind the supposed bulls that there are oodles of shares available. Just read sec filings to confirm. Best of luck...

    • You mean like these?

      Mobile Marketer named them "Mobile Service Provider of the Year" while Frost & Sullivan termed them an industry powerhouse. AdAge stated "Think of Augme as an aQuantive of mobile, part agency services and many parts ad technology". The company's Hipcricket arm was named one of three "Mobile Marketing & Advertising Agency of the Year" finalists in the GSMA's Annual Global Mobile Awards, out of pool of 600 entrants. The winner Amobee, while doing $30 million in revenues and yet to reach profitability, was subsequently acquired by SingTel for $321 million at an impressive 10.7x revenue.

    • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Oct 21, 2012 4:06 PM Flag

      hey jack#$%$, why don't you take you #$%$, and get the f out of here. Nobody really cares about anything you have to say. You are just an insignificant flea fart as far as I and most here are concerned. Really, don't you have anything better to do than show your ignorance with this childish #$%$?