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  • biggergrove biggergrove Oct 16, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

    This Board is Panicing

    Keep your cool. Give Hussey a chance to deliver (I think he will). To talk about selling out for $1 or even $2 is madness. This company has a lot going for it. Look at its customers. Look at how the dollars per campaign are ramping up. Look at its 95% retention rate. Look at how mobile advertising is in the early stages of taking off. This is a great opportunity. Don't blow it by letting your emotions take over. The only change in the fundamentals is that they are getting better.

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    • This coming week could be interesting for AUGT, maybe, being as Hipcricket reached out to MSNBC Your Business. See twitter peeps..

      Translation of conversation...

      - Hipcricket to MSNBC: Our stock has been crushed but our cricket is so hip that we want everyone to know about it. Please help to promote our hip hoppin' business and this AUGT ticker.

      - MSNBC to Hipcricket: Um ok, we'll do our best.

      - Hipcricket to MSNBC: Super duper. Thank you to you and your friends for getting the word out and (wink wink) bringing some value back to our shareholders, whom have been suffering massive losses by loading their boats with our highly diluted AUGT shares at much higher prices.

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      • Hey Johnnysmelly socks1.........Once again, the board is laughing so hard, I can hear their ribs breaking. Delayed gratification my smelly little friend or better yet, go away, don't go away mad, just go away.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Quick bump for the bag holding kool aid drinking minions. What has Hussey done for you? What did he do for DIGL, AXSI, and Medianet / Dubli (ticker DUBL)? Apparently you sheep enjoy dilution and risks of companies going dark on you. Just sayin'...

      • Well for those of you Hipcricket followers and AUGT touts, I'm guessing you enjoyed seeing Jeff Hasen on this mornings "It's a Digital World" video from MSNBC Your Business. Will it help the value of your investment in AUGT? Who knows...

        flyers, not bashing ya or trying to discredit you, considering you probably had a good reason or two at one point to be bullish on AUGT. Knowing that you typically do much better DD than many of the twits on some of these boards, I do however find it curious why you would ever be bullish on AUGT. Whether Arena or Hussey is running the show here does it really matter? These boys were both involved with Geos Communications (ticker GCMI) and if that doesn't scare the investor pants off of you I don't know what would. The turd, GCMI, is barely trading (current price $0.0016) on the pinks and at a glance as far as I can see the company went dark on shareholders. Just based on associations (even beyond the above) why would Mr. Market ever like AUGT? The company continues to dilute and its outstanding common is well over 100M shares and just this last reported quarter the company reported a loss from operations over $7.1M. Seriously, other than PR's and chatter from players touting how great this company is, why would anyone in their right mind invest their hard earned dollars in AUGT? Last year this ticker was pumped to over $4 a share and for those (suckers) who bought heavy and continue to hold, they are sitting on massive losses with risk of their investment ending up at GCMI's level. Or is AUGT so different and is there really a light at the end of this dark tunnel? If by chance you're still holding AUGT I wish you the best of luck. It's clearly a risky (and highly speculative) bet and even if this thing gets pumped hard it has a long way to go just to reach past trading levels. IMO however, as it sits, this isn't worth $0.65 cents and if the bleeding continues I wouldn't be surprise to see it under $0.50 cents soon. Take care...

      • You are a POS! What kind of person stalks another poster from one board to another and then bashes a stock he has no financial interest in himself? If I could have 5 minutes with you, you'd wish you were never born.

    • billy,

      I do not expect much from a settlement with AOL. Any money we get I will take it and just say plow it into Hipcricket. We settled with LucidMedia. That was pathetic. Obviously I hope we get millions of dollars from AOL but I just don't see it happening. If it does, then we are off to the races. But if Vringo couldn't get much from AOL, I have less confidence we will. At this point I just want HC to keep hitting singles.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Michael, I would just love to know what's the formal IP plan that will be announced in the next 30 days....IMO I really believe that the reason we haven't had a deal with an NPE is because of the depressed stock price and the secondary... if you were in the process of buying a house, and you knew you were the only buyer, and right before the closing you found out that there is a very good chance that the seller would be going into foreclosure (our secondary and depressed stock price) would you still offer the selller fair market value?? or would you play hardball and try to get 20 to 30 percent off the price??.. I believe once we get some strength with the stock price and IP and business developments, that deal, that other posters were so excited about, will come to fruition with the NPE and be a complete game changer.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Many of us early investors expected a bit more robust growth and of course something from the IP, and so did the street. A couple very nice quarters that would indicate augme is about to explode would launch the stock price where we all thought it might be. The street will pay a premium for explosive growth, but...although 15-20% hits the "nice" revenue gain, I think we need more -30-40% in a quarter or 2 that shows mobile marketing is truely taking off. The time is now.

    • I will say this; regardless of the current shareprice and my overall negative feelings toward the company the past year (and very warranted by the way) - even I feel like the shareprice is getting a bit overdone to the downside and...I believe the company just might show a blowout quarter this time. I read the transcripts from the CC - (Google seeking alpha and Bob Hussey to read) and there really isn't any misinterpreting that Ivan thinks this quarter is going to be big - and a huge contract(s) that was talked about in June- are about to hit. Whethere Hussey is the answer or not I think is irrelevant, this is Ivan's show now and I think he's about to deliver....yea maybe I'm pumping cause I want to make money - but really - read the transcripts even if you listened to the CC - maybe I'm missing something but I don't think so. If management fails to deliver again then it will be time to pack it up and move on cause the street cred will surely be gone forever. I'll stick around till December and see what Santa brings in Q-3.

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      • Finally someone with a little common sense. Ivan Braiker is as honest of a guy as you'll ever meet. He's well respected by pretty much everyone in the space. If he tells you something, it's true. I've met him personally and listened to the call. Here's what he said:

        "I think you’re going to see the bookings continue to be strong – well they are going to be strong. I think where we – as I mentioned earlier, I think we’ll all be very proud of the quarter that we’re in right now and we’re looking forward to the call that we’ll be doing three months from now and we’ll be able to report that."

        Will it be a blow out Q? I don't know what you call a blow out, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they see 30% sequential growth instead of the 15%-20% they cited and that's without any huge deals. I have heard of a few they are working on and if even one comes in, they are game changers. This is no surprise though since more deals are getting large in size. What now is a big deal will shortly be more of the norm. We're only scratching the tip of the iceburg. Does anyone realize how few company's are able to report they had better than 20% sequential growth quarter to quarter? Better, it's happening while we're still in the bottom of the first inning and nowhere close to the mobile inflection point. 95% retention, 30 new customers, fortune 500 brands increasing ad spend, new experienced regional VP's, and hands down the best mobile platform offering and customer service in the space. Year over year growth for this company should come in close to 92%. Their just getting a hed of steam, wait till next year, if they are still around. People love to forget where just entering the mobile revolution where the company is positioned so perfectly.

        I don't know when the stock turns but it will. If it has trouble doing so on its own, it will when someone comes in and tries to acquire the company for a few bucks. Braiker and his guys cost basis is $3.15 on most of their shares. I'm sure they will get it back to at least that point. Even the most conservative of people, analysts or skeptics could argue the mobile business alone is worth at least $2 right now. They get to a $40 million run rate in Q4 and it's worth twice that in my eyes and based on comps. That's with no value for the patents and I'm not so sure they aren't possibly really valuable in the right hands.

      • Is anyone concerned about tax selling? If I could get around that, I really would buy some more.

      • Ski, I can confidently reiterate what you have said in your post. At least there are still a few around here who are trying to be rational in the face of an admittedly very frustrating, and IMO totally irrational, share price.