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  • xziw34 xziw34 Oct 18, 2012 8:53 PM Flag


    I appreciate the 20 percent haircut management took - it shows their willingness to suck it up as well as their dedication, and things certainly seem to be going on the right path, but this lack of insider buying has me doubting myself..a month and a half ago, this stock was TWICE the price it is now. They did a rather small offering at .80, presumably because the price was so low they didn't want to dilute too much and calculated if they needed another round it would be at a much more favorable price..well, here we are 15 percent below THAT price, which was 20 percent below the mkt price at the time it was done. And no one can come up with some insider purchases - except for some guy who found an extra 1400 dollars in his pocket? Come on. There are two things, short of a buyout, that move this. One, a large contract (which obviously has never happened), or two, some good-sized insider buying, which they should be happy to do if prospects are so good. We'd all benefit. If i could reach in and double up at .75, I'd expect mgmt to have the same enthusiasm I did...i'm sure they aren't on welfare over there.

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    • Bob Hussey is all about shareholder value. Everything he does and has done his entire professional career has involved him stepping up and putting his money where his mouth is. It's just the type of guy he is. It's why some very smart and financially established people follow his lead and invest in things he's involved in. We all know he would not involve himself in a project that did not have big upside potential. Know that not only did he get senior management to take a 20% pay cut, but he himself hasn't taken a paycheck in the last 7 weeks. He is so committed to this company that he took over the CEO role before even having a formal employment agreement in hand. Just one of many situations where he again put the company and its shareholders well being ahead of his own. Let me tell you what to be watching for. When you soon see his employment agreement filed, know that soon after that he will probably reach out to a few of his large friends who will then proceed to buy many millions of shares in this company. Since he would never front run his friends, once they get in, he will probably then go into the market and buy a large position for himself. With Bob, you'll never question whether he's willing to put his money where his mouth is, you'll see shortly I'm sure.