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  • putzah2001 putzah2001 Oct 22, 2012 7:01 PM Flag


    Your really can't imagine any other negative events that could transpire at this point? How about our top tier clients defect to the competition? How about we get bought out down here? How about we start losing key Hipcricket personnel? My biggest concern at this point is that our top level management shake-up, while necessary, combined with our barely-there operating capital are creating an impression of instability that will hurt Hipcriket's ability to land those 8-figure deals. I would vote for any offer above $2 at this point...

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    • Lets take a deep breath and use them brain cells for all they are worth. Did you heard last CC? Have you been paying close attention to the previous calls and stats?? If so then you would have never made these remarks or consider them a close possibility. Our largest tier clients have been with us for years now and growing their business QoQ due to the sheer success of their campaigns with Augme. Other bigger clients like Ford are getting even bigger BECAUSE they have passed the evaluation stages and have proven data that Augme's AdLife platform is successful and works tremendously. We have 95% retention rate and maintaining that for past few years. So to that point I would say you are completely wrong to even consider that as a risk at this point.

      As to the second point, the current environment with management shake up has no impact on HC performance as what is happening on the "augme's" side is mainly hidden to HC's clients. IB is as senior of a management as they would take it to when attending bigger contract presentation or client presentation at the dollar levels that the company is playing with currently. You don't take a CEO to a $1M dollar deal! As matter of my experience dealing with sales meetings I would say that their presentation deck is focusing on what AdLife can do for them and what it has done for clients like Ford and less on the dollars in our bank or who is COO.

      And as far as getting taken out, don't worry. First off the negotiated price, if this a something that gets run through with management first, will include inherent value of our IPs and future core revenue and not the 60 cent stock price. On that end both the management and BOD to include GP will not let the company be sold for peanuts. You might vote because you are scared but the smart money who owns majority of the shares of this company will NOT be that stupid to let it go for cheap.

      If this is the best you can do as the worst that can happen then tomorrow you should load up the truck bud because nothing you have states is realistic.

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      • OK, genius investor. You state the obvious:
        "First off the negotiated price, if this a something that gets run through with management first, will include inherent value of our IPs and future core revenue and not the 60 cent stock price."

        Of course since you don't know what you are talking about, you foolishly think that a current shareprice (market value) doesn't enter into the equation. You also ignore a pimary factor in establishing an offering price by a buyer:
        the prospects for the company going forward.
        Usually, one would use the current PPS as a starting point, but that is not always the case when a company is under financial distress like AUGT is. Perhaps the current price reflects a bit of over-selling. I still don't think anyone in their right mind would pay more than a buck a share for this POS, and that might be a gift!

        Why not enlighten us with your PPS buyout number. This board could use a laugh.

      • Anything is possible at this point. We've been saying the same thing all the way down. People also said that the housing market wasn't in a bubble...and those were wall street analysts on cnbc and stuff. People also say municipalities won't go bankrupt and were chastising Meredith Whitney for her call (which seems to be early)....I still think Augme can regain its footing but Hussey needs to regain the credibility for Augme that Arena lost time and time again.

        And to your point about listening to the call and the stats....they've been talking about positives for the last few calls now...those "game changing" contracts and the such...nothing material has happened yet....please take off your rose colored glasses and look objectively. Right now they need to earn trust back.

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    • If Ivan B leaves then you won't be able to get off this ship fast enough. That would be the death nail in the coffin. Hopefully he wants to see this through since it is basically his company now anyways...and Arena is out of the way. I like having Hussey run the operations for the moment and let Ivan concentrate fully on HC, though I suspect somewhere down the line, if all works out, Ivan will eventually be the CEO.

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      • I would be very very very surprised if Ivan Braiker went anywhere. My impression is that he's extremely determined and confident that he's going to be able to turn this thing around and that leaving the company is the last thing on his mind.

      • I'd be surprised if Ivan leaves. At his age, where would he go where he can make as much of an impact. Plus, HC is his legacy so I'm sure he's regretting his sale to Arena right now and wants to turn this ship around and Hussey will allow him to do that. As far as things getting worse, I wonder how HC sales team is presenting to clients about the situation. Plus, as far as HC being the best platform, does anyone actually have actual experience using Adlife? I just get the text messages from Macy's but haven't really seen anything all that amazing from it.

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